Adviser to Margaret Thatcher praises Sturgeon and grallochs Johnson

Ferdinand Mount and Thatcher

Ferdinand Mount, head of the Number Ten Policy Unit under Margaret Thatcher in 1982-83, in the London Review of Books on 2nd July:

It has been painful to watch the steadiness and sombre dignity of the first ministers of the devolved parliaments – notably Nicola Sturgeon – and then turn to the slapdash boosterism of Johnson and his associates, many of whom seem to have caught his feckless tone as well as his frightful virus. It is jarring to hear ministers claim that they are ‘proud of our achievements’ in the middle of a pandemic which has cost, so far, more than fifty thousand lives. The world’s second highest death rate per capita – wow, that’s really something. Bolsonaro, Trump and Johnson: these are men you wouldn’t put in charge of containing an outbreak of acne.

In a piece saturated with contepmt for Johnson, Mount writes:

There have been at least three key moments in the government’s handling of the pandemic when Johnson made the wrong decision in what looks like unbridled panic: the initial failure to lock down quickly, then the abandonment of any effort to track and trace, and finally the failure to quarantine travellers from abroad until long after the virus had passed its peak. There is nothing novel or obscure about the measures the government failed to take. They have been recommended for the containment of plagues since the Middle Ages.

11 thoughts on “Adviser to Margaret Thatcher praises Sturgeon and grallochs Johnson”

  1. In a moment of despair (boredom) I actually watched the PM’s press conference yesterday, and what’s so clear is he so desperately wants coronavirus to be over.

    But if that is the case, why isn’t he trying to get to a zero-covid cases? Feart and feeble.

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    1. Johnson, incapable, incompetent, uncaring, brutally driven by money, profit, and privatisation of lucrative services namely the NHS, this all trumps (!) what anyone should expect of a human being in very high office.

      Dark days ahead, I fear for Scotland greatly.

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      1. I agree, he was only interested in being PM as a box tick. One term.
        The Men in Grey Suits are itching to dump him, but he is still popular with the (English) masses.
        Boris, Grease-Mogg and all the rest of the “get rich quick” brigade will prosper like never before–and all their loot will be in tax havens.

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  2. And all despite the expensive education Boris received
    Their exits no tape that can measure the distance between education/intelligence
    And that of Wisdom
    Someone should be demanding a refund
    And all this demonstrates that most of The English institutions are no longer fit for purpose in the rapidly changing World of to today

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    1. They are schooled not educated, schooled in how to gain the most out of society for themselves, to look down on the plebs, to see them as ‘vermin’, and how to get themselves into top jobs and directorships, and how to stay there.

      Mostly, they are schooled in how to know the value of nothing but the price of everything, no conscience, driven by fat cat bank accounts. Hell men ’em.

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    2. You write: “The English institutions are no longer fit for purpose”.

      This prompts me to recall a conversation with a taxi driver, ex-policeman, in Cambridge one Friday late afternoon c. 10 years ago. He was giving me a lift to rail station on my way home to Scotland after doing some work in Cambridge.

      I made some casual remark about him having a busy night ahead as it was in university term time. He shared that some of the behaviour of students in bars and clubs in Cambridge was appalling – ‘the wider public would not believe some of it’. But in Cambridge anything particularly bad was hushed up.

      Bar/club owners would call the relevant university college authorities when things got out of hand – not the police – and the colleges had staff who would come out and (quietly) take the ‘offenders’ home. Can’t have these potential leaders of the greatest country in the world having a police record can we?

      Yes, just one anecdote but if true it would add to the sense of entitlement among a certain section of the student population (I’m nor suggesting all!) – adding to that sense of being the chosen ones!

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      1. I forgot to add – the college authorities would also reimburse the bar/club for any damage caused. Again to avoid any ‘difficulties’ for the students involved. According – of course – to one taxi driver in Cambridge!!

        Does that meet BBC Scotland’s disclosure standards?


      2. This reminds me of an occasion back in the early 1970s, if memory serves me, when I was on business in Bristol at the time of a Scotland/England international at Wembley. To stop the ‘wild’ Scottish fans from reaching London all trains and buses from Scotland heading south were stopped in the English Midlands for days and I had to beg a lift to Preston to be able to get home to Glasgow.
        Makes me wonder why there is such a fuss being made of the possible stoppiing of traffic at the border now in a time of pandemic

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  3. Margaret Thatcher, well just a mention of her makes me curl my lip in disgust normally, but I just watched this YouTube documentary – about Prince Andrew, paedophilia and how prevalent it is in the upper echelons on society, and asking why have no MPs ever been convicted – one of the mentions is how Margaret Thatcher surrounded herself – while in office – with paedophiles, a couple of them known (as in previous convictions)

    I kind of wish I hadn’t watched it, it’s an hour and a half long, and just emphasises how corrupt, disgusting and untouchable the powers that be are. It also mentions the technique they used to deflect attention from Westminster of child sex abuse claims – just one accusation was shown to be false so they then imply all must be false or at least dubious.

    How prevalent in society is this sickening behaviour? Why is there so much of it going on while the majority of people know it to cause a huge amount of harm and think it depraved – or do they? It IS depraved, children do not and cannot understand sexual relationships, and they cannot consent, it is madness to think otherwise, yet there is an upper echelon society trying to legally lower the age of consent, they have somehow normalised it. The whole thing is sick, it’s about power, power over vulnerable people and getting some kind of sick sexual gratification from it – yet we have whole institutions covering it up, keeping it hidden. When people climb the ladders of power is this the society they have to join? It really does make me feel ill thinking about it. That’s the establishment.

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