Brian Wilson revealed as even more loathsome than we thought after senior Labour figure defends Professor Sridhar against his attacks

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Old New Labour figure, Brian Wilson, writing again in the Scotsman clearly implies that Professor Sridhar’s views are cynically based on hopes for future grant income from the Scottish Government. His old mucker, Malcom Chisholm, the last of the good guys in Scottish Labour, has put him in his place and the prof has revealed that all her pals are, so to speak, laughing at the wee git.

Wilson and Sridhar

Devi Sridhar: Wealth is the best shielding strategy for this virus ...

15 thoughts on “Brian Wilson revealed as even more loathsome than we thought after senior Labour figure defends Professor Sridhar against his attacks

  1. Wilson is part of a band of unionist fanatics for whom Westminster rule is paramount.
    Perhaps it’s more to do with something that someone said to him in his past?
    Anyway,the Scotsman is just the place for this sort of nonsense.

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  2. It is becoming a badge of honour to be on the receiving end of the creepy Mr Wilsons attacks.

    He is old “New Labour” personified. An entitled, nasty, vindictive money grubber (my opinion), who is an out and out British (and Irish) nationalist. He detests anyone who stands up for Scotland, the truth and decency in this small country.

    He tied himself to Tam Dalyell’s coattails on the constitution (I totally disagreed with Dalyell), but he should have been stuck on soles of Tams shoes.

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  3. Perhaps it’s mental projection on Wilson’s part. If you cosy up to the right people, you get rewarded, to the tune of £300+ a day for some in fact…

    He could not hold a candle to Dr. Sridhar, she clearly has more integrity and honesty in her little finger nail than Wilson could ever wish to have in his whole being.

    He is a disgrace to Scotland quite frankly.

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    1. Totally agree with you AH. He is a disgrace.

      Professor Sridhar has an international reputation and full professorship yet she is only in her 30s.

      Her newspaper articles and television interviews are models of how to clearly communicate complex issues to people. That of course is why she has now become a target for the Likes of Brian Wilson. He is going to find he has bitten of more than he can chew.

      He on the other hand…better stop there language could get a bit ripe

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  4. just by looking at his angry and twisted face, I would not let him babysit my children.
    Or his mate Gordon Brown that got married so he could become PM.


  5. When the Prof. Devi Sridhar posted about Public Health people not speaking out in March. . . . She would have been referring to PH people in ENGLAND.

    In this country with people like B. Wilson and his fan base about . . . Telling the truth makes you a hero.

    Devi Shridhar. is a Hero.

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  6. More of this will diminish the effect of any criticism.

    ” Harlow BLM Rose✊🏾
    Day 1 of pubs being open again and they’ve already had to shut in Mansfield, Sutton, Arnold & Newark because of “major disorders.” They should not have been allowed to reopen yet, it’s ridiculous.
    Remember that you voted for this.”

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  7. This from Dr Duncan Robertson suggests that closing down more parts of Engerland may be the subject of discussion.

    “But which regions of the country are particularly risky? Well, Leicester for a start, where drinking in pubs is banned. And then there is Rotherham, Kirklees,[I amended the spelling – replaced the missing “k”] Barnsley, Bradford, and Rochdale where the cases detected in the last week exceed those that would in Germany cause a lockdown to be triggered (over 50 cases per 100,000 people over a week). And Oldham, Sheffield, and Barnsley that are just below that cut-off.

    But there are vast swathes of the country that exceed the US Centers for Disease Control threshold for re-opening (10 cases per 100,000 people in a two-week period). While not equivalent, I have used 5 cases per 100,000 people in one week as a cut-off.”

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