As it becomes clear that failed infection control in a Carlisle hospital has forced the return to lock-down, of the area between Dumfries and the border, Scottish Tories remain firmly behind the PM and unconcerned about the safety of their own people.

The lovely Andrew Bowie, above, was first to put the Union first on 29th June, after the FM had dared not to rule quarantine out for any group coming into Scotland, triggering his boss, the PM, to thunder and bluster about it, much to his obvious, though sickly, pleasure. Bowie said:

We are one nation. Scottish, English, Welsh, Northern Irish. We are in this together. Please stop this divisive, nasty talk of closing borders to ‘others’.

Safe in the North-East of Scotland, Bowie has seen no need to comment on the spread of infection across the border only days later but what about John Lamont in the Scottish Borders?

He has dutifully shared the Scottish Government information but has nothing to say about the obvious similarities in the situation faced by his constituents.

Their leader in Scotland, Jackson Carlaw, not that far north of the Dumfries cluster, in Glasgow, is saying nothing about it and getting on with campaigning against the 2 metre rule and opening up tourism. He has tweeted scleroticly:

Nicola Sturgeon must rule out any attempt to close off Scotland from the rUK. Localised lockdowns may be needed to deal with individual flare-ups over the months ahead. But this does not justify arbitrarily driving a wedge between Scotland and England.

Who, remind us, wants to arbitrarily drive a wedge anywhere? Don’t answer that.

But, but, are the Scottish Tories tapping into popular sentiment here, regardless of any principles, as they have been renowned for over the centuries?

Nope. Not at all. They seem not to have a scoobie.

In a Panelbase poll of 1026 for Wings, today, 73% are agreeable to the idea of closing the Border. 37% think it should be happening now and 36% agree that if the much higher infection rates in England persist then it should happen. More at: