Second coronavirus case crosses into Scotland from ‘troubled’, ‘inadequate’, ‘unsafe’ Carlisle hospital

Cumberland Royal Infirmary: Image Solid State Fire and Security

Can you imagine what Reporting Scotland‘s Lisa Summers could do with this story if she lived in Cumbria?

You have to read between a few lines and join up a few dots to find out what happened in the Dumfries & Galloway ‘cluster.’

In the TV briefing as the news broke, Prof Jason Leitch said:

The initial first case that we were aware of is a health worker from the Carlisle hospital and that may be connected to an outbreak at that hospital, but we can’t be sure yet.

From BBC Scotland yesterday:

Prof Leitch said the most recent case was not connected to the other households involved but had “an independent connection” to a Carlisle hospital.

So the first and most recent cases are from the Carlisle hospital but Scotland’s media are shying away from making any explicit connnection. It contrasts markedly with their quick and careless conclusions when a fungus perhaps fed by pigeon poo infected but did not harm three or four patients in Glasgow’s ‘troubled’ super-hospital.

How troubled is the Carlisle hospital? In June 2016:

Carlisle’s MP does not believe money alone will solve the problems at the city’s troubled hospital. And John Stevenson – who met with senior health bosses this week -hopes that enough improvements have now been made to bring the Cumberland Infirmary out of special measures.

We can probably forget about this. It was 4 years ago. BBC Reporting Scotland would never go on using the term once it had been shown to be nonsense, would they?

More recently:

Just as they took weeks to get round to reading the inspection report for the Skye care home, BBC Scotland and the others may get round to this later when they can find some way to blame Jean Freeman for it.

BBC Cumbria are not all over the story:

5 thoughts on “Second coronavirus case crosses into Scotland from ‘troubled’, ‘inadequate’, ‘unsafe’ Carlisle hospital”

  1. Imagine if a hospital in Scotland had such an extensive and horrendous safety/care report
    as Carlisle has. It would be full on headlines for weeks. So a staff member, it seems, travelled into Scotland during lockdown when the hospital they were employed at in England had an outbreak of Covid19. Great.

    Looking at the bbc Cumbria ‘news’ there, it all looks hunky dory, nothing to worry about at all really, yikes. Let’s hope most people in England are a lot more sensible than their herd immunity government give them credit for. We can but hope.

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    1. It could very easily be the case that the staff member lived on the Scottish side of the border and travelled to work in the Carlisle Hospital each day. This was perfectly legitimate for essential workers during lockdown.

      Health workers, doctors, nurses, care workers etc. often isolated themselves from their families during the height of the emergency with many staying in hotels and caravans etc so scared were they of taking the virus back to their homes and infecting their families. Some sent their children away to live with other family members and did not see them for upwards of 3 months or more.

      It may be as Professor Leitch said when first reporting this outbreak that it had happened because people had become lax about following the guidelines. Easy enough to do. A moments inattention and the virus exploits it. That plus the fact that people are highly infectious in the 24-48 hours before symptoms appear makes for a dangerous mix.

      The cross-border traffic is of course two way and people from the Carlisle area will be crossing to work in Scotland – one of the factories mentioned in reports produced PPE Cumbria has some of the highest rates in the UK. That one of the main hospitals in the area had such a poor record before all of this should have set alarm bells ringing.

      The behaviour of the Westminster Gov and its poor messaging and mixed messaging is certainly not helping matters.

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      1. “A moments inattention and the virus exploits it”
        This doesn’t help either “Elaine Murray, leader of Dumfries and Galloway Council said “some complacency has crept in”, adding: “We know that a couple of social gatherings which shouldn’t have taken place may be implicated in the spread of this outbreak.”
        Oh dear


  2. Doubt it A.H. One of my grandson’s, on his way to work in Cornwall today, tells me the M5 is chockablock with cars with roof boxes, cars towing caravans, and the like heading south All this and the pubs, in England, opening up today, spells disaster on a massive scale I believe. Just hope not too many heading north, although I doubt that..


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