Remembering just why the UK establishment has long desired Alex Salmond’s downfall.

Looking for other sources, I stumbled upon these two stories and was reminded that campaigning for Scottish independence may attract interest in probing for personal weaknesses that can be used at some convenient time but to challenge the right of Britain and her allies to project power globally and, by implication, to criticise the aims or competence of her security services, will not be forgotten and will be punished.

5 thoughts on “Remembering just why the UK establishment has long desired Alex Salmond’s downfall.”

  1. While failed Brit Nat politicians get their own TV gigs (trains, cooking, dancing et al) on colonial TV, Salmond will always be denied air-time, because broadcasting (like the press) is controlled by the State (behind the scenes)..

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  2. If any do not believe that the dark forces of the state via the secret service are not involved and have infiltrated the SNP and any
    Indy supporting organisation then they are naive beyond all belief
    Read and understsand their history with regards former colonies seeking Independence
    They have been doing so for hundreds of yrs and are masters at such nefarious activities
    They know full well the consequences of being Found Out
    And as such their whole technique is subtle and clever to avoid detection
    But if and when caught they are experts at minimising any resultant damage
    And always remember they have the compliance of all the MSM in the event of being called out
    One has only to understand what the loss of Scotland means to them economically
    They will be without doubt be Bankrupt without our assets especially so when seeking loans in order to function as they not only desire but require to maintain
    Social cohesion that does not kick over their apple cart
    Like all lenders who upon considering the borrower the one and question they have
    Is How Do I Get My Money Back
    And militararly
    If they lose Faslane then
    1.No monies to relocate the facility
    2.Their permanent UN security council seat would be lost in quick time
    3.The so called special relationship with the USA would be in Tatters It is the waters of Scotland and N.I.that is the highest of strategic importance to both UK and USA
    4.This game is in the Big Boys League well and truly now
    5. Remember in this day and age as global geo politics rapidly realigning
    That both China and Russia are NOT innocent by standers
    6.We in Scotland must recognise all this
    And be as clever and as smart as the Big Boys now
    We have very powerful consequences of our actions and we should be aware of all
    Those powerful forces at work behind the scenes and cleverly and subtlety turn such in our favour
    Know thy Foes


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