Former Jack McConnell adviser and Labour councillor allowed to hide as journo to insult First Minister and women in politics

Spat? Latest spat? Bird? Is that because the FM is a woman? Is she not able to have a rational disagreement based on public health evidence, with the ‘man’ in Westminster?

You’ll see below that Dalgety claims expertise in ‘women in politics.‘ Trivialising Sturgeon’s disagreement with the actions of a right-wing government in London, now responsible for an infection rate 5 times higher than ‘SNP politics’ has enabled here, as a ‘spat’, suggests Labour tribalism has trumped any affected sisterhood.

This is beyond cynical or calculated to plain stupid. Here’s the stupid author in question:

Dalgety is not ashamed of this past but, as with other Scotsman associates such as their two Tories, Monteith and McLellan, her political affiliations are not revealed for the reader.

We’ve had a recent Brownish intervention in Scottish politics by Lord McConnell, across the Scottish media. Is he now pressurising his pals including some who should know better to demonise the FM? It reminds of the Scotsman and others attempting to undermine the Yes campaign in 2014 with personal attacks on Alex Salmond:

7 thoughts on “Former Jack McConnell adviser and Labour councillor allowed to hide as journo to insult First Minister and women in politics”

  1. I wonder will Dalgety or any of her family risk going abroad. A nice ,safe flight in a cabin leaving from a country that continues to have more daily deaths than all the rest of the EU put together. People in a confined space of an aircraft cabin when the risks of covid infection at one metre are 10 to 30 times higher than at two metres.

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  2. She’s a strong contender for female version of Brian Wilson with comments like this –
    “Nicola Sturgeon is famously a home bird … it is hard to imagine her on a sunbed, slathered in factor 30, sipping on a Cosmopolitan.”

    Why is she complaining that her son can’t go to Castle Douglas on holiday – does she think the D&G cluster was made up by Nicola personally, or does she not care about her son’s health?

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  3. Ah just wait for the next 10-14 days to pass after the opening of pubs in England
    Given the complete and utter mismanagement of their public advice to
    Date and in particular the obvious and blatant rule breaking by D.Cummins,Bojo,s Dad etc
    Which in turn leads to The English Louts
    Saying to themselves F***k you
    If you can break the rules so can I
    I feel this is all akin to The Charge of the Light Brigade
    Tallly Ho old chap
    And as for Air Travel
    Chinese authorities in Wuhan took their chance when Airliners were grounded at the airport to investigate the level of covid infestation
    They were shocked to the core Trillions of
    The virus was found in all aircraft and in every nook and cranny
    The seats,overhead lockers,armrests,
    Toilets and the hostess trollies and its contents were particularly heavily infected.Even the cockpit was similarly so
    Their conclusion was simple
    That due to the cabin air recycling,pressurised cabins , close proximity of passengers and crew and unavoidable interactions that aircraft are
    Flying petri dishes and incubators of the virus
    Further more all areas involved in baggage handling were found to heavily contaminated
    Their simple conclusion was if quickly no vaccine or effective treatment found soon then there are MAJOR problems to be resolved as to how we go forward with regards all aspects of air travel
    China is now completely rethinking the design of Aircraft and Airport facilties
    So if these so called journalists were up to their task they would not actively be beavering away with their keyboards to herd the public onto
    These aircraft and only to find that their destination is neither a sunny beach or return to home
    But for some it might just be a 1 way ticket
    To the Mortuary
    Ah but tis the Monies in the tourist industry that must be catered for
    The customers and to whom they pass on this virus are merely considered as Collateral Damage
    In olden days of war we were quite simply
    Cannon Fodder so the rich powerful elite could not only protect their wealth and enhance it
    Ah the times are not a changing
    But they soon will be

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