Spat? Latest spat? Bird? Is that because the FM is a woman? Is she not able to have a rational disagreement based on public health evidence, with the ‘man’ in Westminster?

You’ll see below that Dalgety claims expertise in ‘women in politics.‘ Trivialising Sturgeon’s disagreement with the actions of a right-wing government in London, now responsible for an infection rate 5 times higher than ‘SNP politics’ has enabled here, as a ‘spat’, suggests Labour tribalism has trumped any affected sisterhood.

This is beyond cynical or calculated to plain stupid. Here’s the stupid author in question:

Dalgety is not ashamed of this past but, as with other Scotsman associates such as their two Tories, Monteith and McLellan, her political affiliations are not revealed for the reader.

We’ve had a recent Brownish intervention in Scottish politics by Lord McConnell, across the Scottish media. Is he now pressurising his pals including some who should know better to demonise the FM? It reminds of the Scotsman and others attempting to undermine the Yes campaign in 2014 with personal attacks on Alex Salmond: