Will Murdo Fraser condemn Tory plans for 30 minute party political live every day with no opportunity for a response?

According to the Herald today:

The UK government is planning to introduce daily televised press briefings later this year. The new format is expected to be in place by October, and will follow a similar style which is currently used by the White House in the United States.  

Presumably this will allow the PM to abuse members of the media and say whatever he likes without Keir Starmer making him look stupid.

Unfortunately Johnson’s close ally in Scotland, Murdo ‘Second or third best‘ Fraser, has already made clear his opposition to such a format:

Part of the problem for Fraser has been the inability of the Scottish media to prevent the FM making them and the Scottish Tories look stupid.

14 thoughts on “Will Murdo Fraser condemn Tory plans for 30 minute party political live every day with no opportunity for a response?”

  1. I have a plan. Murdo the Loser Guy wants air time? OK, then.
    Allow Leotard and Carlot each, their 15 minutes of fame (perhaps replacing Repressing Scotland, the Brit Nat agitprop outlet) on a daily basis. We could call the show—
    “Return of the Flowerpot Men”. Wee Wullie could play “weee–id”.

    With that pair of honkers live on air, Scotland would declare independence tout suite.
    No referendum. No election. Lets just get out!

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    1. They have a daily broadcast slot. It is called Good Morning Scotland and it has been running for a couple of decades. This morning Laura Maxwell fed the lines to an Alister Jack sound alike for an organisation called “Quash Quarantine” so that he could say the SG (and the Welsh and Irish) is being silly and has to fall in line with Bozza as soon as possible. WE HAVE TO GET THE ECONOMY GOING, said Laura, helpfully.


  2. The Tories have seen this health crisis as a political event right from the get go.
    Their response to everything has been conditioned by how it will impact on their sole aim of leaving Europe.
    Public health doesn’t cross their minds,only political ideology.
    No wonder the EU have had enough of them.

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    1. “The Tories have seen this health crisis as a political event right from the get go” – No, they’ve seen this as political opportunity, which is why most of europe and indeed England have looked on in abject horror.
      It is not just about Scotland even if that is OUR focus, there are limits to how far “perfidious albion” is allowed to prevail even in England, particularly when they have been so comprehensively lied to over their own dead and infected.
      Scotland is soon to be the least of Johnson et al’s worries…

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  3. Is it in the Tories interests to broadcast these “press briefings”
    In Scotland?
    Obvious where the dunder heids got their idea from.

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  4. ‘Similar in style to the Whitehouse’. How absolutley terrifying. They will be similar in content as well, be in no doubt. Is Johnson going to stand there everyday, I mean he is part time anyway as WGD points out in his blog, or, will we be graced with D.Cummings, PM in waiting, or rather acting PM because the named one is incapable or stringing two words together, telling us what exactly?

    Might we witness those who stand behind the PM looking terrified for their lives if they put a foot wrong, lie they often do at Trump’s ‘briefings’?

    Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister does daily ‘briefings’ because there’s a pandemic happening, I am sure she would really prefer NOT to have to do them every bloody day, answering deliberately stupid questions from little lickspittle pretendy journo’s working for the Britnat state.

    What’s happening in October, anyone know? Another pandemic, pandemic#2?

    What’s the agenda? Scared people are not buying into BBC lies and daily rags’ stories anymore? It must be about Brexit then. Telling us all what to stock up on, we won the war so…get that cabbage soup on, sweep your front steps! (not a bad idea actually right now, 🙂 )

    I guess by October, people in England will be feeling a tad couped up, not been able to get away to the Costa brava or whereever they go to eat greasy chips and fried eggs. So Johnson better be coming up with some nice stuff for peeps to think about, because if not, by next spring, England will rise up, and it won’t be pretty.

    Scotland’s got other ideas, and that’s to escape the Britnat madness pronto!

    Ps I’m already stocking up on pasta…:-/


    1. “Stocking up on pasta…”.

      Nane o’ that foreign stuff…..

      Get yer freezer fu’o’ pizza, spag Bol and curry………..

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  5. As for Murrdoo, what does he want, even more stupid questions from Britnats? Or maybe it could be a wee debate, where Carslaw or someone tells us the FM is lying, just get yourselves to the pub, have 20 pints, end up in A&E, get covid19 and die? Or maybe, chuck away those silly masks, cough much as you like if you are of good stock you will be immune anyways, tough if not.

    What does Murrddoo think the FM should be doing, twiddling her thumbs, during a pandemic? We would never hear the end of it if she even plonked a stand in there for a couple days!

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  6. In another story, Boris is looking for a safe front man to head up publicity for the government. Now you know why.


  7. POI, which one of the BBC Scotland’s Lauras is Laura Maxwell? Is she the Tory Laura, or the other Tory Laura , or the right-wing Tory Laura, or the Laura Who Dare Not Smile in case her face cracks like something out of Edgar Allan Poe…..Not that I’m confused since they’re all – incredibly! – dancing to The Ageing Car Salesman’s tune?


    1. Laura Maxwell is now a regular on GMS, although Laura McKeever occasionally presents it. Laura McKeever is mainly on TV and does not have as posh a voice as Laura Maxwell, not the same superior condescending tone.


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