The Guardian protecting the Johnson regime from scrutiny and England from the terrible truth

Despite Leicester, and the FT’s true statistics, the Guardian today, still tries to tell us that Wales is the most infected part of the UK and that Scotland and Northern Ireland are the same as most of England.

The Public Health England statistics for Leicester were just 80 new cases in the period 13-26 June, yet they were told to lock-down. You can understand their confusion. Of course, Westminster knew the truth was 944 cases but had been keen to conceal the true figures for the whole of England, knowing they were far worse than those published, and released to international comparison agencies and used by Scottish Tory MSPs and councillors to suggest infection rates are higher there.

Unlike the authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the authorities in England have only been publishing the data from hospital testing, or ‘pillar 1’ tests. ‘Pillar 2’ tests, ‘testing in the community’ including those done in private labs drive-through testing facilities and by the military may be much higher. See this for Leicester:

So even if other English areas are less infected than Leicester we still have good reason to think much of England should be shaded a darker red than Wales in that map.

We’ll find out soon how many of the Gretna cluster are in England and how many are in Scotland.

8 thoughts on “The Guardian protecting the Johnson regime from scrutiny and England from the terrible truth”

  1. The Gretna cluster is a clear example of what will happen if the Scottish/English border is not closed. There will be leakage from high incidence areas to low, ie England to Scotland. So for the sake of safety of all Scottish citizens there should be checking and testing at the border.

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  2. Nothing nothing whatsoever can protect
    The record is the record and their abysmal handling of this pandemic
    Shines through
    The Whole bloody World knows this
    Only fools and knaves believe otherwise
    Those trying to manipulate this are in fact
    Only making matters worse
    Because when the liar is found out beyond all doubt that indeed they are liars then they are only left with the un convinceable ,
    Knaves,fools and the unspeakable who will pay any attention as to their manipulations
    IGNORE them the Ship of Fools upon which they sail is sinking below the waves
    And by their actions the bilge pumps of their rants is merely pumping water into the holds whilst they believe quite the opposite
    As they shall never see the shore of The Lands of Hope and Glory
    But only see Despair and Shame

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  3. In constitutional terms the Guardian and the Telegraph are two sides of the same coin.
    Both Red,White and Blue,Rule Britannia exponents.
    What else can you expect nowadays from the English based press?

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  4. Lies, damn lies and statistics. Unless all of the figures and all of the explanations are published we’ll never know what the true picture is.

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  5. Ch4 The Mayor of Leicester Sir Peter Sousby ” you can ask every public health official up and down the land (England) and they will tell you they don’t have what they need ” (data from Public Health England on infections in their area )

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  6. Trying to get my head round why the UK government made out that the new Covid-19 was only 8.5% of its true size until forced to reveal the higher figure to justify the Leicester lock-down.
    The only thing that makes any sense is that they are concealing the real agenda – the pursuit of their original, so-called ‘herd immunity’ model. In fact the whole shambles of the Westminster approach to the pandemic from day one is explicable if it is accepted that the “take it on the chin” (or ‘let it rip’) strategy has been the core of their approach all along. What has been propagated through the media looks very like pure smokescreen to keep the peasants docile.
    On further relection, should we be surprised that our rulers could have such little regard for human suffering and death when we think of their behaviour in WW1 or more recently in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and to come in Venezuela and Iran?

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  7. So, Leicester was told 80 new cases when the true figure (if anyone can be sure of any of the numbers any more) was 944? Therefore they were misled by a factor of 1,180%! Is that within the acceptable margin of error I wonder?

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