Sturgeon’s clear messaging and all our discipline may have saved 36 000 lives!

Once free of the 4 Nations approach (herd immunity), the First Minister and her team went hard at it with a strict lock-down based on clear, consistent and transparent communications. It has worked.

Now, research by Professor Kao at Edinburgh University has estimated that had we not done so, the total coronavirus-related death toll might have been nearer 40 000 than the 4 000 we have.

Prof Kao and his team’s modelling suggested:

“With no lockdown and some restrictions, Scotland could have experienced a slightly larger outbreak, possibly with 7,280 deaths, or a far larger outbreak which could have killed nearly 39,613.”

7 thoughts on “Sturgeon’s clear messaging and all our discipline may have saved 36 000 lives!”

  1. Yeah but . . . . Right now Call Kaye doing her level best to get us all on planes. I rember reading that all infections were brought into Scotland via air travel.

    English female travelled back to UK from Majorca just said ” Scots have a good attitude to Lockdown all wearing masks, the English have a completely different attitude” Kaye said “Right” without enthusiasm, thudded off tge floor.

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  2. Such is so bloody obvious take a look at Norway
    Total nos
    Infections 8879
    Deaths 250 i.e. 46/ million
    Infections 312654
    England ( no infection nos.given by me as they cooking the books in this area )
    Deaths 39187 i.e.706 / million
    In fact if you English and become infected
    Requiring medical treatment then you probability of dying are 1434 % higher
    Oh Yes 1434% higher and eye watering
    Than those of being a Norwegian
    The terrible virus can rip all
    UK arguments to shreds and leave the Union side utterly silent
    Truth is Truth
    Facts are Facts
    Know thy foe

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  3. How many of these conditions are we meeting or are close to meeting?

    The WHO criteria for leaving lockdown are:

    Transmission is controlled

    Health system capacities are in place to detect, test, isolate and treat every case and trace every contact.

    Outbreak risks are minimised in special settings like health facilities and nursing homes

    Preventive measures are in place in workplaces, schools and other places where it’s essential for people to go

    Importation risks can be managed

    Communities are fully educated, engaged and empowered to adjust to the ‘new norm

    I think we will know by 11 August. Some checks on who comes here will be needed.

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      1. Thank you. Same to you.

        There is a good piece in the New Scientist about various aspects of the difference between the Scottish and English governments’ approaches to covid. Here is the link and the first and final few paragraphs.

        SCOTLAND is only weeks away from suppressing the coronavirus altogether, a situation that highlights the different approaches taken by the nation and England in recent months. While Scotland initially made many of the same mistakes as England, since late March, its government has acted on its own scientific advice….

        …..Yet in practice, Scotland is unlikely to achieve full elimination in the near future, because it has a 154-kilometre border with England. “Many people cross that border every day,” says Sridhar. “I think we will probably never get, without England’s cooperation, to full elimination.”

        On 29 June, Sturgeon said that there are “no plans” to quarantine people who enter Scotland from other parts of the UK, but that the nation would need to “be able to consider all options” to stop the virus bouncing back if infection rates are different elsewhere in the country.


  4. At the core of the present Westminster administration is dishonesty.
    It runs through everything they do,so fiddling the books comes naturally to this bunch of chancers.
    It will only be long after the event that the true figures on infections rates will become known.


    1. Hopefully by the time truth is outed
      It will serve as conclusive proof that the
      Indy majority votes for Holyrood 2021 election are validated and leads to a dam busting surge in creating a overwhelming majority that none can refute or deny Indy. Ref.2
      Truth is Truth and Can never ever be altered or denied once in the hands of those that accept suchy


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