The current Scottish 7 day average, confirmed covid-19 death rate, is 3, less than 1 per million. A week ago it was 4. The week before that it was 6, 1 per million.

The 7 day average for the USA is currently 609:

The population of the USA is 328.2 million or 60 times that of Scotland (5.45 million).

The current US death rate is 200 times higher or per capita, 3.33 times higher.

Now the Herald’s McArdle wants to keep digging up the past but all that does is reinforce the fact that all of those early deaths are down to the UK during a period in which the UK Government told the other 3 nations what it was doing and that they should just follow denying them access even to the advice. Unable to break away until March 26th, it was too late to save the thousands McArdle would just love to lay at the feet of the First Minister.