First, let’s see if we can shed some of the big earners:

£165 000:

Sarah Smith, Scotland Editor:

sarah smith (@BBCsarahsmith) | Twitter

She pops up on Newsnight every so often to lie about the First Minister. What else does she do? Wee Davy Lockhart can just add her duties to his.

With that £165 000 we can keep 4 of the staff who do things.

£150 000 or more:

Donalda MacKinnon, Director BBC Scotland:

Image of Donalda MacKinnon

She’s gone already after achieving eff all so we can save that. I’ll do it for nothing by Skype.

Steve Morrison, Member for Scotland:

A man in a suit

I don’t think we need that [board] member do you? I’ll do it for nothing by Skype.