BBC Scotland staff cuts: Who should go?

First, let’s see if we can shed some of the big earners:

£165 000:

Sarah Smith, Scotland Editor:

sarah smith (@BBCsarahsmith) | Twitter

She pops up on Newsnight every so often to lie about the First Minister. What else does she do? Wee Davy Lockhart can just add her duties to his.

With that £165 000 we can keep 4 of the staff who do things.

£150 000 or more:

Donalda MacKinnon, Director BBC Scotland:

Image of Donalda MacKinnon

She’s gone already after achieving eff all so we can save that. I’ll do it for nothing by Skype.

Steve Morrison, Member for Scotland:

A man in a suit

I don’t think we need that [board] member do you? I’ll do it for nothing by Skype.

6 thoughts on “BBC Scotland staff cuts: Who should go?

  1. 1) Compile a list of those praised by Scottish Government / SNP as competent
    2) Compile a list of those complained about by Scottish Government / SNP
    Fire everybody on list 1 and promote those on list 2

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  2. The top brass should go now as a terrible career fate awaits them upon Independence
    For them NO magnanimity in our victory
    What they have colluded in and the resultant and ongoing plunder of our resources only to wasted away by their master is UNFORGIVEABLE
    ASDA awaits their services cleaning toilets or stacking shelves
    Their weasel words no longer cut it
    Awa wi them man and fill a traitors


  3. The so called BBC along with the high earners that do nothing but critisise our FM should pack up and leave Have done nothing for Scotland Their day is coming


  4. In line with our other public services,the BBC in Scotland should be rebranded
    BS (Broadcasting Scotland) and salaries commensurate with that status.


  5. Adams, Brewer, Campbell, Smith, Taylor. Establishment mouthpieces without an ounce of integrity in the lot of them.
    Lets be blunt ! they are talentless chancers that got lucky whos only attribute they have is that they do what they are told and hold the right political view.
    The Famous Five played a major roll in BBC Scotland getting a 48% satisfaction rating and only 33% could tick the box the organisation was not bias.
    While they are organising that lot being shown the door they could get the Journalists, Researchers, Producers, Editors involved with anything these hucksters were involved in out the door as well.
    Won’t happen because they don’t want it to happen !

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