Herald picture editor wins move to Daily Mail

Joyous Billy Cumberland (16) has won his dream move from the Herald to the Daily Mail after capturing the image of the First Minister listening to Jackson Carlaw or Richard Leonard, today in Holyrood.

The report, once more suggests that highly trained professionals kept sick residents in care homes rather than transfer them to hospitals because Scottish Government advice recommended that it not be done. The recommendation, written by medics, was to protect the vulnerable residents from the traumatic experience of transfer and invasive testing.

The Herald report, by Tom Gordon, does not remind us of the care home’s responsibility for infection control to protect all their residents and the long-standing familiarity they should have with it after decades of controlling flu and norovirus outbreaks.

Leonard’s sickly account of one tragic case and the unspeakable cynicism of attempting to lay the death at the First Minister’s feet, reeked of rodent.

4 thoughts on “Herald picture editor wins move to Daily Mail”

  1. Desperate stuff at a desperate time for desperate men—-and yes, they are ALL men, whether politico’s or “journalists”.
    I say “desperate” but it could easily be “hateful”.

    In, over their heads and sinking fast—glug, glug.

    Hopefully, after 2021 they will be gone—ALL of them.

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  2. Well Well
    In this case the rat has not jumped the sinking ship into the lifeboat
    But into the sewerage of the Mail, cess pit
    Resulting in a even more of a stink and the most vile of SPLASHES that lands on their
    Propaganda pages
    Thereby losing its only real purpose of being held in the toilet roll holder

    It may result in another critical shortage of toilet paper


  3. Maybe they have also used ye olde adobe photoshoppe a teensy bit to accentuate/create the pretendy image…in fact, it’s 100% they have dome, same with ‘photo’ of Jeanne Freeman…


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