As the Scottish Government’s reputation soars, BBC Scotland and the opposition parties are using the forthcoming inspection into the New Southern General’s water supply infection not caused by pigeons and the deaths of 3 or 4 babies and toddlers not caused by the infection to mount a campaign.

Expect to see distraught mothers who have been groomed by opportunistic politicians and lawyers, condemn the work of independent investigators as a cover-up and see their words and faces lingered over by interviewers drooling with fake compassion and cameras of the highest quality right in tight.

I haven’t and will not watch this politicised charade again. My conclusions last year will still stand:

NONE of the five patients who died recently in two Glasgow hospitals died BECAUSE of hospital acquired infections from pigeon-droppings or from any other source.

With regard to the three at the QEUH, Reporting Scotland, repeatedly but incorrectly, said that the deaths had been ‘as a result of’‘after’ or ‘from’ the fungal infections they did have. This was untrue. In one case the patient had died from an unrelated cause and in the other two, the infection had been only a ‘contributory factor.’ I complained and the editor replied, first to admit that their reporting ‘did not quite come out as intended’ and then, after a second complaint, to admit that they were ‘wrong’ and to ‘apologise’.

Apologies by the editor of Reporting Scotland last year are here:

When Reporting Scotland are caught lying, they say it ‘did not quite come out as intended’

Reporting Scotland editor apologises for Jackie Bird being wrong and ‘has a word with her’

I’ll do fuller pieces on them after this.