Massive cross-party support for Scotland’s lockdown exit strategy

In a poll of 165 adult Scots (18+) on 18-19 June when asked:

What level of trust or distrust would you say you had in the information on coronavirus provided by the following individuals? Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland:

These groups trusted her:

  • 69% overall against only 20%
  • 42% of Conservatives
  • 56% of Labour
  • 78% of Lib Dems
  • 83% of SNP (only?)
  • 77% of Conservative Remainers

Respondents were not asked about Richard Leonard or Jackson Carlaw but they were on 6% and 8% respectively in February.

4 thoughts on “Massive cross-party support for Scotland’s lockdown exit strategy

  1. Amazing really. I keep wondering about my no voting (some very elderly) Tory neighbours, who receive excellent Scottish NHS healthcare, ( all have chronic health issues) and whether they have one brain cell in being able to realise how much the SNP (the party they despise) is doing to keep them safe, and alive.

    They read the Britnat daily rags and watch BBC all day though so would not be surprised if they are still deluded and conned by the BBC et al! They are blinkered but see the world through only ‘UK’ wide glasses, what’s happening in England, must be happening in Scotland but worse!

    O/T, but maybe worth pointing out. The Scottish government award carers
    a payment supplement twice a year of £230 as recognition of the work carers do in Scotland. That’s on top of the UKEngGov CA which is £66 a week, for 35 hours care, minimum! Due to Covid19, the SNP Scottish government are awarding an extra £230 on top of the June supplement to recognise the extra work and costs that Covid19 is causing right now. That’s £460! Wow, I will feel rich next week, they have kept me from bank overdraught for past two years, I feel so lucky.

    I wonder how the no voting Tory carers will feel to have that £430. in their bank next week, in Scotland? I know of at least one who was a rabid no voter and hates the SNP!

    It is obviously not available in England…much as people have asked little bitty Tory daddy Boris if they can do the same for the carers in England.
    far as I know not one extra penny will be paid to carers even during this pandemic, which is a disgrace, caring costs in £’s as well as taking it’s toll on mental and at times physical health.

    Will the BBC or any other media have that on their ‘news’? Social Security Scotland are doing some great things for the vulnerable, against huge odds and massive EngGov constraints of course.

    Right, must go water my runner beans ( Hetty and the beanstalk) with a wee spring in my step!

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  2. But wait , Absurdistan drags up Limping dog pigeon story, now with with doctors (2) one of which not medical to distract us from superior epidemic handling.


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