According to the Independent today, testing of the 300 workers at the Asda-owned meat-packing plant, which supplies Asda stores across the UK, including Scotland, began after workers starting falling ill on the 8th June.

The factory was closed for a few days then and mobile testing tents appeared in the car park. 60 workers tested positive and were told to isolate at home.

The Labour-controlled Kirklees Council chose not to inform the community.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock was called in to chair an emergency action meeting, date unknown, and on Thursday 18th June, ten days later, released the information in a briefing.

One worker commented on conditions in the plant, unchanged after the infection:

He says conditions at the plant feel relatively safe but it’s damp and people end up working in close proximity, even now with social distancing rules in place. Because of the noise, staff have to shout to each other – something experts say will project an infection further.