‘UK’ Health Secretary and Labour council knew about mass covid outbreak in Yorkshire factory 10 days before locals found out

According to the Independent today, testing of the 300 workers at the Asda-owned meat-packing plant, which supplies Asda stores across the UK, including Scotland, began after workers starting falling ill on the 8th June.

The factory was closed for a few days then and mobile testing tents appeared in the car park. 60 workers tested positive and were told to isolate at home.

The Labour-controlled Kirklees Council chose not to inform the community.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock was called in to chair an emergency action meeting, date unknown, and on Thursday 18th June, ten days later, released the information in a briefing.

One worker commented on conditions in the plant, unchanged after the infection:

He says conditions at the plant feel relatively safe but it’s damp and people end up working in close proximity, even now with social distancing rules in place. Because of the noise, staff have to shout to each other – something experts say will project an infection further.


6 thoughts on “‘UK’ Health Secretary and Labour council knew about mass covid outbreak in Yorkshire factory 10 days before locals found out”

  1. I have emailed Mr Carlaw if he thinks Mr Hancock should consider his position regarding this.He was very vocal in calling for Ms Freeman to resign and accusing Ms Sturgeon of a cover up over the Nike story,
    I doubt if I will get a reply but if I do I will let you know.

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  2. As far as all(EXCEPT The National)
    In all Scottish MSM are very unlikely
    To go anywhere near this story other than possibly hide it away in the ether of a long winded Baaad Snp headline and the numerous pages that would result
    All so and especially The ABC (BBC)
    CAN say that it was balanced
    We know full the scales they use for such
    Is permanently stuck down on the side labelled Union
    The ABC have no future in these lands and will soon be confined to the dustbin of history and the one labelled DETRITROUS
    Know Thy Foes


    1. Forgot to add
      Our youthful and vibrant new Nation
      Shall overcome their age and treachery
      Recruit none of them into any of our institutions whatsoever
      Ironically sent them for interview in this case to clean toilets at ASDA


  3. Reply from Mr Carlaw.

    I sit and serve in the Scottish Parliament where my job is to hold an increasingly failing SNP government to account.

    5 weeks after a promise was made by Nicola Sturgeon and Jeane Freeman to test every care home worker “routinely”, less than 50% have been tested even once.

    Of those tested a significant number have proved positive despite showing no symptoms. This tragically vindicates those care home workers desperately worried they may themselves be spreading the disease to those in their care.

    Despite this there is no sense of urgency from the Scottish Government nor material progress. Meanwhile, Scotland continues to have one of the worst testing records of any developed nation in the world.

    On the other hand Mr Hancock set a high ambition in testing and as a result hundreds of thousands are being tested every week elsewhere in the U.K.

    Senior SNP figures now publicly despair of the total failure in government planning in respect of both the economic and educational emergency. If they have no faith on Ms Sturgeon’s plans, why should increasingly furious parents and employers concerned, as am I, that tens of thousands of Scots could soon be unemployed as a result.

    Note no mention regarding the Yorkshire factory.

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  4. This should be splashed across the front pages of every ‘news’ (story tellers) papers in Scotland ( & England of course) but I think we can be sure it won’t be. The BBC will ignore like the plague!!!

    It’s utterly criminal that England’s (Scotland’s oppressors) government has known about this and not ‘alerted’ the public.

    Maybe THAT’S what the Tories meant by ‘stay alert’, do not believe word they condescend to utter, and think the worst, because that it what is and has been happening.

    Do not eat ‘meat’, especially cheap stuff from some shops. I say ‘meat’ because to me it’s dead animal, dead sentinet beings. Sorry, meat eaters.

    It’s a good idea to disinfect your shopping, empty veg straight out into containers, same with dry foods. Wash tins, spray packets with antibacterial stuff and leave for a day or so. The virus can stick to plastics for days. It’s a real pain, but if you have a system, with containers and bowls ready, and a bath to put quarentined items in, it could be worth it.

    Back to Hancock and his criminal gang in power at WM, they should be locked up for manslaughter really.

    Can’t imagine ( I can) the hate SNP bad fest had this been the case in Scotland, the Britnats would be out for blood and they would succeed.

    It’s hugely worrying that this virus is not being taken seriously by the Eton boys and girls at WM, in fact it’s terrifying. Imagine winter with long term lockdown? No, unthinkable, but very possible.

    As for Carslaw, he is a disgrace and reveals why Scotland is hugely compromised on so many levels by being shackled to this so called union. He is an overpaid Britnat doing Johnson’s dirty work, it’s hilarious Johnson didn’t even know who he is though lol!

    Carslaw, you are not getting a seat at HOL’s honestly, give up now!

    Scotland will not give up, and I hope there are plans to police the border somehow. Can we test folks at the border coming into Scotland? It’s got to be possible to minimise the very real risks of this virus being spread into Scotland just as our levels of it are reducing, otherwise, we are in grave trouble. Thing is, as the rEU don’t want ‘UK’ folks going abroad, and Brexit is putting paid to that, where is the next best (first best for those of here who live here imo) destiNATION? Yep, Scotland. Good for tourism, and £’s, bad for our environment, bad for spreading covid19.
    Sorry long comment John.


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