Unlike Labour in Yorkshire, Welsh Nationalist council acts quickly to protect community


While the Labour-controlled Kirklees Council in Yorkshire colluded with Matt Hancock to delay informing locals for up to 10 days, of the mass outbreak in a meat-packing plant owned by Asda, the Plaid Cymru-led Anglesey Council acted quickly to postpone school reopening on the 29th June, after 61 workers tested positive in the 2 Sisters plant.

The decision came immediately after Public Health Wales statistics showed a growing number of positive cases of Covid-19 on Anglesey, in recent days.

These two cases seem to suggest a willingness in Labour politicians at all levels, to be tending toward going even beyond Tory-led strategies for restarting the economy. As early as the 7th May Keir Starmer told the FT: ‘I fear they are going to be slow on an exit strategy.


3 thoughts on “Unlike Labour in Yorkshire, Welsh Nationalist council acts quickly to protect community

  1. Labour are a disgrace. Cannot imagine what Scotland would be like now if they were at the helm, they totally wrecked Scotland by their decades of utter neglect, kept the people poor, built terrible housing,ie ghetto’s, allowed huge unemployment and drugs addiction to go on, well, forever really. Despicable.

    Labour have a lot to answer for, they are wolves in sheeps clothing, Scotland knows that though. Starmer is a red Tory through and through, a clever talker, faux lefty. Something about that is truly sickening.

    Thank heavens for the SNP, especially right now, not perfect, but, working
    for the good of Scotland, and the people of Scotland with few powers really. Can’t remember why but I was looking up ‘devolution’ online couple days ago. The ‘UK’ gov webpage on this say that ‘Scotland is one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world’ etc etc. Dread to think which ‘devolved parliaments’ are the least ‘powerful’ then, and where are they?

    Is there such a thing as world devolution rather than world domination lol! It must be a video game for fair people? Hmmm.


  2. Oh and Labour ‘UK’ branch of Eng HQ’d party lined their own pockets, a dodgy lot to say the very least. As we all know, McConnell, shafted Scotland big time, rewarded with his fat arse sat at the HOL’s paid £300+ a day for doing absolutely nothing.

    Surely karma is real? Karma not starmer lol!


  3. Fret not upon Labours position in Scotland
    1.The fact and the results of their behaviour has resulted in a good % increase in support of INDY
    So in effect they have inadvertently turned themselves as a Very Fine Recruiting Sargeant for our cause indeed
    2.politically they have committed suicide now
    3.The Undertaker is ordering their coffin
    And the lair in the political grave yard
    4.The only possible chance of avoiding 3 above is to split away and from a new party openly in favour of Indy 2 and campaign strongly for Indy.
    Along with no assoc.whatsoever with Labour London informing them bluntly that until they openly support Indy ref.2
    But will not campaign upon any matter pertaining regards Indy 2
    They guarantee neutrality
    Then a hand of friendship and a cup o kindness shall be offered
    If all comes to pass
    Then in victory magnanimity to them
    But if they do not then Defiance for ever
    Know Thy Foes


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