Health Correspondent accused of endangering mental health of thousands!

Pigeons confused about term ‘scapegoats’

It’s gone too far now. We’re in a nightmare world of surrealist journalism where nothing is ever as it seems.

To protect my own mental health, I’m saying no more about the New Southern General and pigeon poo.

If anyone can be bothered, try searching for pigeon or infection or shite in the box over to your right.

I may have written as many as 100 rebuttals of MSM lies about Scotland’s hospitals.

I’ve done my bit.

I’m off to walk the dog and look at the clouds.

Update: I did. There were:

Dog: Gonnae shut up about the Herald, whatever that is, unless I can eat it.

5 thoughts on “Health Correspondent accused of endangering mental health of thousands!

  1. The utter shite that comes out of the Scottish Unionist leaning media is horrendous, how can they do this without someone calling them out on it. And John you do such a good job of calling them out. Please keep up the good work, why the hell are the SNP not calling them out for the garbage they produce.
    Its lie after lie after lie, and they just don’t care. How do these so called journalists feel about producing this utter mince, I’d be totally embarrassed. No wonder their readership has collapsed, can they not see the writing on the wall, its like journalistic suicide. Guys the Scottish public are catching on to your mince. Stop it for your own good. Its a wonder we all don’t have a touch of ornithophobia.


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