Immediately after the shocking scenes of Yes supporting ‘attack mobs’ shouting at and then egging Jim Murphy of the No campaign in 2014, SNP leader Alex Salmond, forgiving the confusion about who was actually leading the Yes campaign, was quick to condemn those whom the Scottish media were keen to present as the extreme wing of ‘his’ movement.

Manfuly shrugging of the death threats and road rage he had experienced, Salmond said:

People shouldn’t throw eggs at somebody full stop, that’s something that happens in elections. I remember John Prescott getting a bit energised about it in a UK election. It shouldn’t happen – I don’t think it’s at the serious end of things – but it shouldn’t happen.

The actual leadership of the Yes campaign did come forward to say:

We condemn all forms of abusive, dangerous and offensive behaviour, whether it be Jim Murphy having eggs thrown at him, or Alex Salmond being harassed by a road rage motorist.

Now, six years later, those ultimately responsible for extremist elements in the No movement, the leaders of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, have been called on to manfully condemn the violence witnessed recently in George Square and perhaps to be repeated today.

Scottish Conservatives Sport and Loyalist Liaison officer, Murdo Fraser, is being put forward as the man to go to George Square today and order the National Defence League to return home.

A source has told us that Jackson Carlaw is loudly proclaiming that he is tuss enough to get right in there and personally shut any riot down.