If the Herald can catch up with the truth about Covid deaths, will BBC Scotland?

The Herald’s Helen McArdle throws her critics into confusion as she reveals the truth of what has been happening since the SNP, as Jackson Carlaw likes to label the Scottish Government, diverged from the UK Government’s heartless death-drive. Covid-related deaths, even using the unreliable Public Health England data are now three times higher in England than in Scotland.

Will BBC Scotland catch up with these facts? Can they? Not, so far:

I could be wrong and hope to be proved wrong but I think we might not hear anyone on Reporting Scotland say the words in that Herald headline.

Of course, readers of TuSC, have known something like this for some time.

Three weeks ago:


And six weeks ago:


And shockingly, appearing on our radar, nearly three months ago:


3 thoughts on “If the Herald can catch up with the truth about Covid deaths, will BBC Scotland?”

  1. People aren’t daft. They have a fair understanding of the way this virus is playing out.

    BBC/Radio Scotland are losing both audience and respect, by their continual bad-mouthing of people doing their best—and doing it better than elsewhere.

    Bumming-up Carlot and Leotard wont work—-we can see the strings.

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  2. It’s the last thing the BBC, the Britnat politicians in Scotland and of course the Britnat politicians in England want to hear and certainly it’s not for the publics ears or eyes.

    I bet Channel4 don’t fancy this making into their ‘news’ either, or the pretendy lefty Guardian.

    You can see why telecommunications/broadcasting is a reserved power to Westminster, England’s (pretendy UK Gov) government in London.

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