BBC Good Morning Scotland accepts that it may have to broadcast to an audience of ZERO listeners

Did I just say that?

On BBC Scotland’s flagship radio news show, today, they interviewed the makers of Unsubscribe, a 29-minute horror movie shot entirely on video-conferencing app Zoom which made $25,488 in ticket sales on one day, securing the US box office top spot.

Hearing that the film’s ‘first night’ was in an empty theatre, presenter Bill Whiteford then says:

‘Maybe we should make radio for nobody to listen to, Laura?’

This comes days since Ofcom revealed that only 8% of Scots were using Radio Scotland for news, the same as Channel 5 and only 1% ahead of Snapchat:

18 thoughts on “BBC Good Morning Scotland accepts that it may have to broadcast to an audience of ZERO listeners”

  1. Trouble is, we have to pay for this p!sh.

    Its time for a redd-out of the BBC Scotland hierarchy, and get some people in who would be dedicated to serious broadcasting, rather than the “dae whit London tells ye” puppet show we have now.

    And a level of funding per capita, the same as England/Wales get.

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  2. Furthermore I suspect those that listen probably only do so for the travel and/or weather information certainly not the news that is a stretch too far.

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  3. I will never listen to BBC radio or BBC Tv channel’s as they don’t tell the truth in Scotland all you do is Kneel to a corrupt English Goverment and tell lies to cover up the real truth about the Tories yous are as corrupt as Westminster

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  4. Chap, chap, chap the Ouija board——“is there anyone there”?…….

    “Only me, Donaldaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh……….. OOOOooooh!………. Wir aw doomed”

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  5. It’s always good to have a laugh and this is very funny, thanks!

    ‘Maybe we should make radio for nobody to listen to, Laura’?

    Lol, quote of the year I reckon! Their bias doesn’t even reach the atmosphere, they are talking into a void, perfect!

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  6. Switched off this morning when Murdo Fraser started his rant , a long winded speech against the SNP as usual with no interruptions and no constructive questions , they are taking themselves out of jobs !

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  7. I think a major problem for Radio Scotland generally is that unionisty folk I know proudly declare that they are only interested in a “British” perspective, and thus listen to Radio 4 or somesuch. The folk who are interested in a Scottish perspective are totally scunnered by Radio Scotland, and don’t listen to it either. Perfect storm, really.

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  8. All these years listenning to the guff and I missed this . . . . Aaarrrrgggghhhhhhh!

    Think a chunk of the 8% is composed of pro Indy folk monotoring the guff.

    Its a very old photo of Whiteford.

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  9. Hilarious – Rad Scot news listening is rising – but you wouldn’t know that. because you have no clue about the media.
    Still, you’ll know what flatlining looks like. Your blog’s traffic doesn’t even register.


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