NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde begins winding down COVID-19 Community Assessement Centres which protected GPs during peak of crisis

Readers may remember the piece we wrote on how only Channel 4 covered the launch of these innovative centres. It attracted more than 30 000 readers:

Why are only Channel 4 and local newspapers reporting ‘Scotland’s unique way to treat virus?’ https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2020/03/28/why-are-only-channel-4-and-local-newspapers-reporting-scotlands-unique-way-to-treat-virus/

Now this optimistic sign of progress in managing the outbreak, passed to us by Brian McGowan:

Capacity in place to rapidly remobilise in event of second spike

Following a steady decline in the number of COVID 19 cases and a corresponding fall in attendances across Community Assessment Centres (CACs), NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has taken the decision to close its Eastwood and Kirkintilloch sites.

The move comes as some centres – which were initially mobilised to cohort and care exclusively for COVID-19 patients – have seen just a handful of attendances per day in the last week, with numbers continuing to fall across sites.

The centres can be rapidly remobilised should they be required.

Similar to other Health centres across Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Eastwood and Kirkintilloch Health centres will continue to provide a range of services as the health service moves into recovery from COVID-19.

Moving forward, the CAC service will be run from the remaining core centres – Barr Street in Glasgow, Greenock Health Centre, Linwood Health Centre, Renton Integrated Healthy Living Centre and Clydebank Health Centre. Patients within East Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire will be asked to attend their nearest centre. NHSGGC’s patient transport service will take patients to and from their appointments, if required.

NHSGGC’s CACs were mobilised at the beginning of the pandemic to provide a streamlined pathway for patients who had COVID-19 symptoms to ensure they received the most appropriate care as quickly as possible. The seven specialist centres played a central role in effectively cohorting patients and protecting other primary and acute care services from being overwhelmed as well as the safety of patients and staff. To date more than 5,500 patients have been through the centres.

One thought on “NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde begins winding down COVID-19 Community Assessement Centres which protected GPs during peak of crisis

  1. Perhaps we could sell this idea of a specialist Covid -19 centre to defend GPs from infection to Matt Hancock ?
    No ! I forgot, they have World Class facilities down there for PPE procurement , incubator production and testing and tracing .
    They lead the world in their response to this pandemic – we can’t teach them anything !

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