Scottish Health Secretary slams UK Government for failure to co-operate on pandemic

Called to the Scottish Affairs Committee apparently to answers questions from the likes of wee Andrew Bowie, Jeane Freeman seems to have taken no prisoners, dispensing quickly with the Scottish Secretary then identifying the failures in the UK Government’s performance.

Freeman referred to a vacuum between the two governments, wondered why Cobra had not met since 10th of May and condemned the UK Government’s habit of deciding unilaterally what they would do before then merely communicating that to the devolved nations.

Contrasting the two governments, she said:

Our approach differs, from what I observe from UK Government approach, in that we are much more phased, planned and are resisting the pressure of making announcement between times.

2 thoughts on “Scottish Health Secretary slams UK Government for failure to co-operate on pandemic

  1. Ah once your gloves are off
    Tis it not hard to put them back on
    Now the blows are glancing
    Keep going and the blows
    Shall become fast and furious
    But be aware we are dealing little
    Spoilt children mainly from the
    Same mould as Jacob Rees
    Know thy foe
    Goad them as the mongoose does with
    The cobra

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  2. Bbc GMS
    06.50. “Do let us know if you see anyone breaking lockdown”

    07.20 “More people are prepared to break lockdown rules”

    What they didn’t (have to) say
    Why don’t you break lockdown . . . Everyone’s doing it

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