Why are only Channel 4 and local newspapers reporting ‘Scotland’s unique way to treat virus?’

From Channel 4 News last night and reported in several local newspapers but ignored by BBC Scotland and the other press:

‘In a bid to alleviate the pressure on GP surgeries, as of Monday this week, NHS Boards across Scotland started to use a unique system for treating patients experiencing symptoms. Today they have 50 dedicated coronavirus assessment centres set up across the country.’


And from Glasgow Live:

The new Community Assessment Centres (CACs) will be appointment-only hubs which will maximise the number of symptomatic people who can be cared for within the community. It will ensure that hospital capacity is used for those with the most serious illnesses and reduce the exposure of patients at GP surgeries and allow GPs to focus on providing care to patients with other complex health issues. A central CAC has opened on Barr Street and is operational from 8am to 10pm, with a view to moving to 24/7 when necessary. Other centres are expected to open in the city soon.


Is this not a brilliant idea which puts NHS Scotland and the Health Secretary in a very good light? That’s why it’s not being reported? When will NHS England copy it?

The initiative was announced 4 days ago:


34 thoughts on “Why are only Channel 4 and local newspapers reporting ‘Scotland’s unique way to treat virus?’

  1. Well, yes, I hadn’t heard much – anything? – about these, were these in the daily scotgov briefings? Did the radio cut these bits out? Was I just not paying attention? It’s a very good initiative anyway.

    John, have you been up all night writing articles?! Ach well, sometimes you just have to go with it if the inspiration strikes you, so I won’t nag about not getting rest etc 🙂

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      1. Oh I know, the aging body is disobedient and throws up the most stupid of things on a whim, and can be quite inconvenient. Try drinking more water – plain water – a couple of pints a day at least, that can really help with muscle and joint pain. I have to say, I thought yoga would help with keeping things flexible but it does test some long-unused muscles and I’ve had more stiffness since starting it again! But shoulders are nice and loosened off.

        I’m going to venture out to a shop today – wish me luck! 🙂

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      2. Contrary, my GP urged me to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, which I have been doing and, certainly makes me feel good. However, I urinate more and, at my last routine check up, the blood sample showed REDUCED sodium levels!!!. By taking me off one of my medications, my sodium levels returned to normal and, generally I have felt better.

        Yoga in the morning is a great idea. I have been doing it each morning on rising, for the past 10 years -great for keeping the joints loose, relaxing the muscles and improving balance.

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      3. 4 pints! Wow. I think the usual recommendation is about 3 pints and I manage that as a matter of course, depending on coffee intake, then I up it (and yes up the pee-frequency) – it is difficult to get the balance right but fine once you have a routine.

        Oh yes, my balance has been terrible since stopping yoga a couple of years ago! It made a huge difference before, so hoping to get back to solid-grounding stage soon. Yoga is really good for after a day on the computer too – really loosens those hunched shoulders and neck. I’m only doing short beginner 15-minute sessions but noticing the difference already.

        The supermarket had a social distancing queue there, one in one out, and everyone quite jolly so it was fine. But, just having to clean everything before putting it away and everything that was touched,,, too stressful! I’ve got some sweeties and biscuits is the main thing though. Oh aye, and some fresh veg, of course.


      4. My GP frowned when I asked if coffee could be included in my two litres – she thinks it dehydrates.

        You are right about keeping the shoulders moving – up to your ears then back several times, then repeat but in the forward direction. Doing a wee bit each day over a period of time and you begin to be able to extend the time you can sustain it.


      5. Yes coffee, any caffeine (including tea!), is a diuretic (so is good for some relief of water retention), hence the need to compensate with more water – the combined effect can be lots of pees, and probably not that good for you. I can’t survive without coffee though, so just try and balance it.

        I’ve found good posture is good for keeping tension out of the shoulders too! Strangely, my dentist had a leaflet on good posture – related to grinding your teeth, keeping the chin lowered and neck straight tends to stop you clamping the back teeth together. It doubles the double chin unfortunately, but eating less sweeties would resolve that one,,,


  2. Yeh, we’ve set these up over the last week and will be largely covered by volunteer GPs but possibly also other medical staff. As it’s a changing picture the use of these may change as well but I believe those that need to access them will be redirected there from NHS111. That’s why the advice now is for anyone with viral symptoms to phone NHS111 and not their GP.

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  3. I guess we will soon see an announcement from UK leadership about their great new idea of Corona Hubs, of course without the slightest reference to Scotland’s brilliant initiative. Watch out for news on prison releases too.

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  4. The Barr St hub in Glasgow makes use of the former Woodside Health Centre, which is just off Garscube Road. Glasgow University had (might still have a GP training Centre there). The new Woodside Health Centre (opened 2019) is about 500 metres further west of Garscube Road. The former centre has been gradually wound down, but still has appropriate spaces, so bringing it back into use is good use of a resource, which is fairly easily accessible by road.

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  5. Is there any testing hubs in Edinburgh/Lothian areas, I’ve been very unwell, since last sunday, Now my husband also showing signs, he has heart problems, very concerned about him


    1. Wow. I think people really NEED useful information just now – to know that the government is doing something useful for not so serious needs, we hear all about ventilators and field hospitals and ICU beds – but none of us want to end up in hospital, and we are kind of being left to take care of ourselves for the most part, and worrying I think.

      Anyway, you can be useful AND nippy at the same time! It doesn’t have to be knee or the other 😉

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  6. Wonderful, this is the kind of news Scotland needs , that’s what a true Scottish channel would be doing every day .Thanks John , have shared , keep it coming ! .

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    1. Not exactly a splash on the BBC. It was a single and fairly unspecific paragraph towards the end of a fairly long piece which was about the quadrupling of intensive care beds.


  7. Thank you, John!! Most appreciated! My nephew is battling for his life in St Thomas’s Hospital in London at this moment. He lucky – he has been put on a ventilator! He waited too long before seeking help (from minor breathing problems to NOT BEING ABLE to breathe & x-ray showing pneumonia!) because he felt the system was so strained, other more deserving folk needed the services! He’s such a good, kind, very caring, so loving guy! But he thought others more deserving! Now – if there had been Corona Hubs in the whole of UK before now, perhaps he’d have been more inclined to get in touch with his local CAC & make an appointment!

    MY POINT: This is such a good thing where people can go before their symptoms get TOTALLY out of hand! That people won’t feel they’re being such a burden on hospitals that are trying to cope with terribly ill people already!! I wish Callum had been up here…

    Such a good move from Scotgov. But – shows how things are – last night was my first time reading of this. And I THOUGHT I was paying attention & totally up with what was going on! Thank you for putting this ‘out there’!!


      1. Thank you sir! Much appreciated! There are tiny little signs that we may be lucky…

        He is now showing tiny wee glimmers of progressing positively, he is getting restless which doc says is USUALLY a sign of a patient’s body saying it wants off the ventilator to breathe on its own (he was soooo lucky to get a ventilator when he needed it!!)… Doc says he’s still critically ill but they see this as a good sign. WE’LL TAKE IT!

        But yes – this news about the Corona Hubs was given out what – 5 days ago now? And yesterday was first I’d heard of them! I’m here EVERY DAY, for HOURS (always waiting on sister’s Updates so check Twitter, News etc… I do watch Scotgov site too – somehow I missed it! How are folks with symptoms finding out what to do? My daughter in law is displaying all the symptoms so we may be in for ANOTHER very tough time! She now knows about these Hubs as I made them aware after reading of them here!! (THANK YOU for bringing people’s attention to them!!) My son has been checking out info so he knows what to do should his wife worsen. He didn’t know about the Hubs!

        Not having a proper, informative communication system of our own makes Scotland & Scots very vulnerable!! WE SHOULD HAVE OUR OWN TV/newspapers… It really is time to sort this! Forget what we have & decide to go for TV stations of our own… Scotland is a COUNTRY! Time stop pandering to this ‘regional’ sharing (or NON-sharing as it more commonly is!) nonsense and get relevant Scottish information.


    1. Yes Louise, I’ve noticed a mysterious silence on the daily briefings myself… weird – the only thing I thought was that they didn’t want everyone to descend on them, even though it says ‘appointment only’ and you have to dial 111 before going – but you’d think they would mention it.


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