From the BBC today:

The big story for BBC UK today but not being considered by BBC Scotland:

The government is facing calls from Tory backbenchers to drop the 2m (6ft) social distancing rule in England. MPs, including former cabinet ministers Sir Iain Duncan Smith and Damian Green, say it is essential for the economy. The government has said it is constantly reviewing its coronavirus lockdown guidance. It follows the announcement of a further easing of restrictions in England, allowing single adults to stay at one other household from Saturday. No 10 said the change aims to help combat loneliness and that people are being trusted to observe the rules.

See that last line? Remind you of anything? It’s a cover, to try to persuade you that something callous that they want to do for their business friends regardless of the cost in lives or other misery is nevertheless worth the risk.

Like the bedroom tax to supposedly help young people with children get a house with two bedrooms?

Like disability cuts to give the disabled their dignity back by ‘encouraging’ them into work?

How dangerous might it be to reduce the 2 metre rule?

The findings showed a reduction in risk of 82% with a physical distance of 1 m in both health-care and community settings. Every additional 1 m of separation more than doubled the relative protection, with data available up to 3 m. This evidence is important to support community physical distancing guidelines and shows risk reduction is feasible by physical distancing. Moreover, this finding can inform lifting of societal restrictions and safer ways of gathering in the community.

Well, I’m clear. Only a cruel and heartless bastard would think of doing this before we have virus beaten.