As NHS Scotland begins to recover Herald Health Correspondent needs to look on the bright side a bit more

Here’s what Helen McArdle had to say:

The total number of people being treated in hospital in Scotland halved at the start of the Covid outbreak, as wards were emptied and new admissions severely restricted.

Here’s what her cheerier other self said in another quantum dimension:

Despite the ravages of the pandemic, NHS Scotland heroically managed to keep an astonishing 50% of other treatments going despite having to reduce admissions to make sure they could cope with the surge in demand predicted by UK experts.

Helen, in this world, went on wearily to say:

Even now, hospitals are only dealing with around two thirds of the number of patients they normally would, according to a new report which reveals the scale of the shutdown for the first time.

And from other Helen:

Already hospitals are back up to treating two-thirds of the number they did before and anticipate being back at 100% before you know it.

Look again at that nice graph you used, Helen. See how the dark unbroken line is going up. Know what that means? Helen? Oh come on. I know what you need – a strong cup of Scottish Blend tea!

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