Calls for border controls as the R number falls again in Scotland but potentially infected hordes are crossing from worst -infected areas!

From the Times today:

Thousands of cars a day are crossing the Scottish border from the north of England where coronavirus is again spreading in the community, official figures show. Drivers can still travel freely throughout the UK despite increasingly divergent restrictions, infections and deaths across the nations and regions.

The First Minister announced today that the Scotland-wide R number has fallen to between 0.6 and 0.8. In Scotland’s rural border regions it is thought to be even lower.

However, a steady flow of traffic, unchecked across the border, is putting Border communities at risk after reports that the R number in the adjacent North-West of England may have tipped above , triggering increased spread of infection. Indeed, recent data from Cambridge University suggest that all of England is at risk of increased infection:


These worrying data may be a consequence of the VE celebrations four weeks ago.

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5 thoughts on “Calls for border controls as the R number falls again in Scotland but potentially infected hordes are crossing from worst -infected areas!

  1. Once the data available today for new cases and deaths in England published
    I will report accordingly as i have done previously proving beyond all doubt that Scotland must take control of our borders

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  2. Border control/closure by the Scottish Government is now a necessity to save lives.

    The NeoFascist Tory regime at Westminster (ably supported by their British Nationalist placemen and place women in Holyrood and amplified by the BBC/MSM will categorise as The SG overstepping/abusing its powers)!


    Policing is devolved therefore checkpoints (think VOSA style) at all rail, road, air, ferry terminals where International or more importantly (given England’s horrific mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic) travellers arriving across internal UK borders.

    Healthcare is devolved therefore screening at all checkpoints above

    Scottish Government can under a devolved Public Health Bill enforce check points, testing and a 14 day quarantine (including travel across internal UK borders into Scotland) the SG can even requisition hotels etc. to put folk up in (owners would almost certainly be glad of the guaranteed income).

    On the plus side if managed correctly it would highlight the inability of Scotland and her Government to fully protect the Scottish population for Westminster stupidity and incompetence!

    More converts to Independence while the First Ministers stock is high with the public!

    The Achilles heel is that the UK Treasury can blackmail Holyrood by withhold funding (like they are doing with furlough funding to push folk back to work too soon as Big Business interests are put before Public Health).

    Would involve the Scottish Government growing a titanium spine!

    Would also show the International Community the inequality of the UK Union writ large.

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  3. A friend with an NHS APP said that parts of Cumbria were at 1.4 three weeks ago.
    Mundell and Jack were desperate for Dumfries and Galloway people to travel to work there.

    Not just idiots, but dangerous idiots.


  4. As promised here is todays update on divergence in figs. From 1.6.20 to 11.6.20
    Inc. Between Scot/ Eng. With regards to new cases/deaths since ease of lock down
    But before i present I must report that there is a very major anomaly in UK.Gov data for last 2 days pertaining to no.of new UK cases new cases last 2 days 2269 for whole of UK
    But England which has 81.8% of UK Population only reports 368 no of nr of new cases I.E. only 16%
    Something seriously amiss here
    If ever I presented such to my Univ.Proffessor then she would have torn them up told me never ever submit again such obvious errors unless it contains a note & addendum explaining how such arose
    So here is update for new cases and deaths for 1.6 .20 to 11.6.20
    Important Scot.= 9.8 % of Eng.population
    Scotland new cases 234no. I.E.6.6%
    Scotland new deaths 62 no.I.E. 3%
    England new cases 3546
    England new deaths 2070
    Note to demonstrate divergence
    As 1.6.20
    Scotland 10.1. % of new cases. Now 6.6 %
    Scotland 6.8% of new deaths Now 3%
    And if I factor in and correct the low no.of new cases in last 2 days for England
    Scotland for new cases would have only
    4.65 % of such and not 6.6%
    By the way Scotland now surpassing Norway in daily test nos.
    And figs.for new cases/deaths since 1.6.20
    To 11.6.20 for
    Norway new cases 158 (Scotland 234)
    Norway new deaths 6 ( Scotland 62 )
    But Norway went into lock down 10 days earlier and eased 14 days earlier
    Hope i have presented in a manner all can understand why we Must Control our Border


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