Last night on BBC 1 Sarah Smith joined the campaign to suggest that all is not well under the alleged veneer of the Scottish Government’s competence.

Studiously ignoring the facts:

Deaths three times higher in England in last week:

Infection rate 42% higher in England:

Care home deaths 30% higher in England:

R number lower in Scotland than all parts of England:

Smith manages to find some care home owners to report anxiety about lack of staff testing.

In this campaign based on testing, Smith and those feeding her such as Carlaw are deliberately ignoring the evidence.

In the much praised New Zealand:

New Zealand’s care homes did not expect asymptomatic cases to be tested but THEY were expected to isolate them for 14 days:

With particular regard to testing, we have to repeat constantly the problems in testing the asymptomatic, of the greater effectiveness of targeted testing and tracing over mass testing, and that testing is not enough. Distancing and hygiene remain as important as ever.

Smith’s appearances to undermine the Scottish Government are regular.