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From the CMO today:

Beyond the eight cases already known to be associated with this outbreak, there are three other cases with a genotype that might be linked to this lineage. Of these three cases, two of them are closely associated with samples that came from other cases identified in other countries and have been discounted as having been directly linked to the conference. The third show similarities to those associated with the conference but not direct link to the conference has been established.

After this explanation, the CMO concluded

This suggests that the actions taken by the IMT to manage this outbreak were successful in curtailing spread and have led to the eradication of this particular viral lineage with no evidence of any wider outbreak associated with it in Scotland since that time.

So, the kilt-fitter feeling unwell, had something else and Ian Murray MP, Shadow Scottish Secretary, having ranted daily about a cover-up, in the Scottish media, needs to consider his position.