After two days with zero covid deaths, headlined by BBC 1, but only afterthoughts on Reporting Scotland, today’s 7 tragic deaths enabled a reassured return to normal.

The 7 deaths became Reporting Scotland’s headline story despite being an unremarkable statistic compared to the zero on two successive day.

Earlier, BBC Scotland’s lord of darkness, accomplice in naked bias of Lady Sarah Smith, asked the First Minister:

I wonder if you can explain why more than 200 people with coronavirus having died on Scotland having picked up the virus in hospital wards that were supposed to be covid-free and how you would explain their deaths to their relatives?

Even after everything he has said in the past, he still has the ability to shock.

First, it’s not true. We don’t know whether these people caught the virus in hospital or in the community before admission.

Second, isn’t that an appalling tabloid question of great insensitivity? Can you imagine any English reporters daring to try to lay unconfirmed deaths in hospitals at the feet of the PM or even Matt Hancock?

The FM, as is her approach, did not react, but quietly pointed out why his question made little sense. Maybe she’s right to deal with it this way but many of us would have welcomed a repeat of the treatment she dished out to Jackson Carlaw yesterday.