Wilson has typically seen the tragedies in the USA as an opportunity to somehow suggest the SNP are tainted with Trumpism. Ignoring the current SNP leader’s open contempt for the man, he has dug up the Scottish Government’s error of judgement in honouring him. Of course, he neglects to remember that Labour First Minister Jack McConnell did something similar in 2006.

While googling Wilson for more to mention here, this popped up:

On 1 October 2003, Brian Wilson MP called for the abolition of Scotland’s list MSPs. He said:

In the Highlands & Islands, every one of these people finished third in constituency elections, yet as a consolation prize, they are made MSPs anyway. I don’t see anything democratic about that at all. Personally I would not weep any tears if the list system was done away with. I regard list MSPs as a breed, as an under-employed waste of space. They have no constituency, they have no role and they are not elected by anyone.

It’s hard to disagree. Richard Leonard would back working in the GMB offices trying to cover up their history of misogyny:

Better still, there’d only be 3 Labour and 7 Tory MSPs.

We’d still be stuck with their shadow minister for nuclear bombing, Jackie Baillie and those two Edinburgh Tory stand-ins, Gray and Johnson