While formal targets may not be appropriate for smaller organisations, it is still in their interest to have a diverse workforce. The McGregor-Smith Review

While for some, Richard Leonard’s leadership win was a victory for the English-born, lower-middle classes in Scotland over the aristocratic Prince Sarwar, some have noted a distinct lack of diversity in the group.

A complete up-to-date image is strangely hard to find however this from 2014 makes the point:

Image: Daily Record

They’re not just white, they’re positively peely-wally!

Luckily, Baroness McGregor-Smith CBE, representing another minority group, Barons and Baronesses, made sure the above get-out-clause was there to protect teeny groups where it just wouldn’t be feasible to have much representation of BAME groups.

Scottish Labour has only 3 real MSPs with the others being ‘list’ or as some such as Brian Wilson have allegedly and unkindly called them, ‘jumped up cooncillors.’