Headlining the Herald this afternoon is the lower of the two images above. It doesn’t tell a lie it just avoids telling you more truth.

Especially when they see ‘Scottish expert’ what percentage of Herald readers will think that Jeane Freeman and colleagues will need to learn?

The professor is clear, referring to the UK Government three times in the text but never to Scotland or to the Scottish Government. It seems clear who she thinks has to learn.

Why doesn’t the headline mention that? Oh, no doubt we’re all being paranoid and anyway there wasn’t enough space for it!

The article twice reminds us of the professor’s former role as Scotland’s chief scientific adviser and one further time tells us that she is president of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Makes you think she must mean the ‘Scottish Government?’

Anyhow, to cheer you up, sit down first, then have a look at this below the article: