BBC QT Health Warning: If you are of a nervous disposition and support Scottish independence look away

The UK-wide trust in the Scottish First Minister and Scotland’s covid performance, are in for a battering on Question Time tonight.

I won’t be watching. I’m not strong enough. I’ll get the details from some of TuSC’s ‘pitbulls’ who can even listen to Good Morning Scotland.

While Lammy and Kinnair will be focused on attacking Zahawi, Pennington, long-retired and now a political activist for Scotland in Union, will use this opportunity to claim that things are far worse in Scotland than the ‘supine’ English press have allowed. When that happens, the other three will all nod approvingly.

If the host contradicts Pennington, even once, I’ll eat my……

If you need a reminder of the superannuated, sanguinarian, octagenarian redundant, colonial, prof’s previous see:

11 thoughts on “BBC QT Health Warning: If you are of a nervous disposition and support Scottish independence look away

  1. Quite simply it can be referred to as
    Rigging the deck of cards
    Loading the dice

    Placing a magnetic weight under the roulette wheel
    And with regards the Russian variation
    Putting 5 bullets in the chamber
    I always pose the simplest of questions to Unionists now and prior to affording a reply i assist them with facts and reality in order to facilitate their reply.
    I have posed such many a time to many of them and not once do they ever reply coherently and such replies are very very rare indeed
    More often than not my assistance given with the question posed is met by a eerie silence
    So here we go
    Q.what has the Union got to offer the citizens and future generations of Scotland

    And before i afford you the opportunity to reply May i give you a few clues
    2 The Ongoing plunder of our natural resources
    3 The 2nd lowest state pension in Europe
    4.The ever relentless increase in No.of food banks
    5.The very rare opportunity to partake in illegal wars and get killed or badly maimed
    6. Perpertual Tory rule
    7. Be mocked,ignored,shouted down and jeered at Westminster
    8.Denial of the ability to develop our massive renewable energies such as tidal
    By clever manipulation of entry tariff etc.
    9. Given 8 above Scotland has a considerable world lead in such and Westminster is squandering such benifits for political ressons
    And to reinforce such I quote a leading energy economist
    Given the urgent need for the World to switch to renewables
    I have no doubt that Scotland could become the New Saudi Arabia
    10.Continued depletion and dismantling of the social contract between The State and its Peoples
    The list goes on & on
    So before your reply i serve due notice
    Proceed with the utmost of caution and chose your words carefully
    If not turn & flee
    Because if you do not you are merely placing your foot into a Gin Trap from which escape from is not a pleasant experience and only results in permanent
    Injury to such a extent that you in the end
    Shall be laid low
    My mouth is now closed
    And my ears are attentive

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    1. Brilliant.
      Trying not to be pedantic, and failing.
      Your point 8, in comparison to wave energy tide is miniscule. Wave energy could produce around 4 times the exsising installed wind and hydro energy.


      1. Ok about point 8
        But i point out the technology for tidal is almost cracked now
        Tidal generators are now being paired up to assess feasibility of building large chain’s of them
        The tide is guaranteed twice daily
        And has great force in the Pentland Firth
        I know a old naval and sea captain and when i asked him what was the most terrifying journey upon the seas he ever had undertook
        His reply was fast and simple stating
        Only once at sea did I ever close my eyes and drop to my knees with a prayer and that was when i made a passage through the Pentland Firth
        China recently installed the Worlds largest tidal energy turbine
        100% designed in Scotland
        We are world leaders in this
        Once storage of energy generated is solved
        And we are working on it then the growth potential of this type of energy is explosive and could be one of the largest economic boom the world has ever seen
        But the Westminster system of costs to feed in the power to the grid is so prohibitive
        Experts predict the ROI in monies invested are phenomenal and your initial capital investment can be returned in less than 3 yrs if all the correct conditions put in place
        In short Scotland would be generating at less than 0.8 p / kw
        Whist current ave market purchase price is 8- 12 p / kw
        The tax regime that could be set up and if similar to how Norway did with oil and gas
        Would yields a bonanza far bigger than Norway achieved
        And that is why Westminster sits on its hands on this
        Because the last thing in their interest is a wealthy Scotland as they know ful well
        We Scots would never allow them to repeat what they done with our oil and gas

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      2. I cannot disagree with what you have written. Scotland could be the go to nation for wave and tidal power systems, pumped storage and hydrogen storage, if we gain independence. If not then Westminster’s ideas take priority. As in the recent rejection, by Westminster, of the Hebridean subsea interconnector. I haven’t found out the reassurances not given by Westminster that caused the investors to pull out. My suspicions lie in them being wedded to nuclear. As in the past Scotland’s hydro rollout was curtailed because Britain needed nuclear, for bombs, and cheap nuclear electric was the selling lie. The Hebridean interconnector would have opened up Bharabhais wind farm potential and west Lewis wave potential, Pelamis wave generators are ready to go. Would this have undermined SMR. When I first came across the Westminster investment in SMR development my reaction was, “Ah, they are taking CO2 seriously,” thinking SMR was Steam Methane Regeneration. I was wrong, in Westminster’s book it stands for Small Modular Reactor. Their hope is to be world leaders in this field. Much like their “World beating” test, track, isolate system?

        I come back to my original (moot) point; tidal energy only developed to its present level because there happens to be a grid connect next to the Pentland Firth. The developed energy projection, for the Pentland area, varies depending on model used, but is around 4,5Gw, some models put it as high as 7 or 8Gw. The west coast wave potential is 21 to 25Gw. UK’s daily need is around 50 to 60Gw. Who needs nuclear? overview of the UK marine energy sector&publication_year=2013&author=J. Lawrence&author=J. Sedgwick&author=H. Jeffrey&author=I. Bryden

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      3. Who needs nuclear
        England to strut and stare across the UN security council
        If they do not have the means to maintain and replace the warheads of trident missiles far less produce new warheads
        Without the nuclear material produced from nuclear power reactors then they will rapidly lose their permanent seat in the Security council and vacate the top table
        Trident missives are LEASED from USA
        on the basis UK builds its own submarines
        And warheads
        Do any think that the US would ever ever facilitate any other nation who might just turn into a enemy overnight with the capability to aim nuclear weapons at them
        I remind all that all US strategic military
        Procurement & training was in the 1920, s
        Based on going into conflict with Britain
        As they believed that UK would NOT give up its Empire without a fight

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  2. Many thanks for the health warning , I have no desire to see that statutory pensioner for dependence , talking down Scotland . I may have a peek at edited lowlights just to confirm my worst fears that Pennington will do his usual propaganda posing as science act .

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  3. Brain Dump: This is a complex issue!
    (someone better than me could rewrite this with dates, data, quotes and sources)

    What was the early thinking: Too many elderly folk are stuck in hospital awaiting care packages. By definition, many of them have comorbidities, some will require nursing care, and many will die if they get Covid-19. Staying in hospital too long also risks death, even without the virus.
    At the same time, there is a stream of people leaving hospital with care packages, just not enough to clear the backlog. The multiple reasons for the backlog will be in a report somewhere, but one suspects part of the reason is high care home occupancy; if they take more in, the care given will be to a lower standard and infection control becomes more difficult. Hence the various updates to the guidance that were made later.

    Decision Time: Warnings of the NHS being overwhelmed by this new SARS-Cov-2 virus, about which little is known. Given the age and health conditions of those stuck in hospital awaiting care packages, and those with care packages (in homes or at home), I’m sure it will be understood they are all at high risk. If no changes are made, people going to hospital from the general population will be more likely to die because staff can’t cope. Also the infection is likely to spread more rapidly because, with no reduction in the backlog, the average age is higher and the average health profile is worse, making patients more susceptible to infection. So given what they fear about hospitals being overwhelmed, and the high likelihood of in-hospital (nosocomial) transmission, they have to come up with a plan, and quickly.

    a) What happens if the backlog is left unchanged: There will still be a stream of patients for whom care packages are found, and they will be released into care. How many? Is the net care home population going up or down? If we assume it is static, the proportion of those in care homes who acquired the virus in hospital will still rise; it will just rise a bit faster if part of the backlog is cleared. Can this be analysed to find out how many deaths would have resulted from no changes?

    b) Decision to reduce the backlog: Well-publicised targets are set to find care packages and reduce the backlog. Nobody warns against this, and at this stage nobody demands testing before release from hospital (I think). Infection control and PPE are seen as the means to keep care home residents safe; also isolation (not sure about the timing there).

    Initial Outcome: Backlog reduction is successful (could it even be that more were released than expected?). There were several announcements of the backlog reduction and, each time, there are no complaints raised afaik. Opposition parties, used to moaning about bed-blocking, are very quiet. Did care home bosses warn them not to do it at this stage?

    Problems: Early PPE quality and supply issues, not all of which were due to the Scottish Government (thereby hangs a bigger tail!). How well did care homes follow guidance on PPE – isolation of residents, infection control, especially privately owned homes? How much staff rotation between care homes was there, and is this more likely in privately owned homes? The issue of asymptomatic cases (staff and their contacts, residents and those newly released into care); advice that testing doesn’t work well for asymptomatic cases. Very low testing capacity at the start, which was reserved for testing hospital admissions. Getting test results back quickly is difficult, partly down to the UK Government. Given the added distress of being moved to hospital, and a likely preference to treat patients who are more likely to survive, should residents with suspected Covid-19 be moved to hospital for treatment? It appears that some were moved, and some then died in hospital. It becomes clearer as time goes on that nosocomial transmission is a big problem, so those issues are becoming more difficult to resolve.

    Conclusion: Anyone who says this is an issue that could have been resolved by more testing is lying.

    Finally, a note: The latest NRS report says respiratory deaths went down at same time as Covid-19 deaths went up. Does that mean Covid-19 deaths are exaggerated?

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    1. On your last question there, you are more likely to die of Covid-19 if you have comorbidities and respiratory ailments – it’s just that the death is recorded due to Covid-19 now instead of the respiratory ailment, whether it was the actual cause of death or not. Does that mean the number of deaths are exaggerated? There are arguments either way – which is why looking at the ‘excess deaths’ figure to get a true picture is important I think.

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  4. From the Spectator, not one to exaggerate Tory incompetence –

    “Almost 30,000 people will have to be retested for Covid-19 after their swab tests were voided by an American lab. The swabs had been sent to the US because a lab in Northern Ireland had stopped processing samples.”

    I imagine Fiona reads the Spectator!

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  5. I do remember yawning throughout QT, but as far as I sleepily saw, and despite being forewarned, I think Prof Pennington behaved himself. I don’t recall any direct allusions to Scotland. Maybe you get that when it’s a “Glasgow” audience full of non-Scots.


  6. Professor Hugh Pennington was the star of Question Time. The Aberdeen-based, world renowned infectious disease expert was polite, authoritative, non political and clear with his answers and opinions.
    Strangely, he has never been invited by Nicola Sturgeon to join any of her Covid advisory panels.
    Could it be because he led the Aberdeen Better Together campaign in 2014 to a 59% No vote?


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