17 thoughts on “Question to Holyrood committee regarding Prof Pennington”

  1. Well,since the political opposition in Scotland consists of the No to Independence party(s),it would be understandable that they pick one of their own to give evidence.
    Their policy on handling the present Covid virus appears to be,No to Independence so they will no doubt
    get plenty of support from the learned professor.

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  2. I think we already know the answer to your question on Prof Penningtons impartiality (but good to get an official response on record for posterity):

    Pennington is mentioned in the email addresses line of the now infamous Scotland in Union ‘Green Ink Gang’ email (see link to WoS article and photo of email):


    His allegiances are well known!

    Which is why BLiSs go to rentahonk in the NE Lewis (who struggled to keep the A9 and A96 open in winter as Transport Secretary in the Lab/Lib Holyrood Coalition Government) has almost certainly ensured he got the call.

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  3. Well said. It’s about time the ‘expertise’ of this man was challenged. He’s the ‘Gordon Brown’ of science, just has to have his say!

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  4. I’ve been making these points in the Times and Herald for some time now but Pennington’s name continually crops up. Its because he is so pro-Union and anti-independence that this is so. That overrides everything else.

    Professor Allyson Pollock presents another example of this phenomenon. Given what was seen as a vaguely pro-SNP position on her part, the mere mention of her name, in certain papers, could bring the Britnat frothers out in force to attack her. Recently, however, she was part responsible for a report which criticised the SG, possibly justifiably. Suddenly some of them love her.

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    1. The difference regarding Professor Pollock is that she is competent to comment on this epidemic. What the FM has been saying recently regarding different approaches for Scotland should changes in UK Government’s policy not be harmonious with Scotland’s is that, for example, the border with England could be closed, as part of a more localised policy. Professor Pollock has been advocating this approach since the start of the epidemic, citing Orkney and Rutland as examples.

      Of course, talk of closing the border put the wind up Richard Leopard (he does not change his unionist spots), and his chum Mr Carlaw. The “Scottish” Daily Express and the “Scottish” Sun, excoriated the FM after she had implied that this was a possible action in her interview with Andrew (This UK Government has done a lot of good things) Marr.

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  5. Well done John. Keep it up!

    Btw Ithink Pennington was involved in the Cheese company’s fight to stay on business after public health tried to close the company down . (Were using non pasteurised milk )Happened about 4 yrs ago


    1. As Ms Mandy Rice Davies said in the 1960’s regarding another Tory scandal, “Well, he would, wouldn’t he?”


  6. Is this Committee’s inquiry into the SG’s handling of the coronavirus crisis essentially an inquiry into the handling of the crisis by the UK Gov? Lock-step, four nation approach and all that and of course the banning of the SG accessing PPE for care homes from English companies.

    Do their bosses at London HQs know what their branch offices are up to?

    If the SG play this right the public should get the inquiry they want into the UK Gov handling of the whole thing.

    As to the Committee calling on Prof Pennington as an advisor, well that’s all of a piece with the UK Gov’s approach to scientific advice. They don’t seem to have any virologists advising them either.

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  7. John,
    Panorama last night makes you weep but the likes of Hancock and Boris will get away with it.I noticed this on the Iplayer.

    Has the government let down the health workers leading the fight against the coronavirus? Reporter Richard Bilton investigates the delays and mistakes that may have put the lives of NHS staff at risk.

    Duration29 minsFirst shown7:30pm 27 Apr 2020Available for 11 months.

    Notice the 11 Month I just wonder if it will be there by the end of the week.
    As for Pennington don’t trust a word he says.

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