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The Scotsman headline is completely inaccurate and misleading as well as, once more implying direct responsibility, for any event in a Scottish hospital, to the SNP Health Secretary.

Let me be clear.

Not one of the much-publicised deaths of children and babies in Scottish hospitals has been BECAUSE of an infection. They have all died BECAUSE of prematurity or of a cancer, and an infection, PERHAPS hospital acquired, may have been a contributory factor.

None of the infections discovered has been proven to have come from the water supply in the hospitals.

Until, the recent case of the boy on the hospital floor, coverage of which now threatens the BBC licence fee, no other case of deaths due to hospital failures has been blamed by the English media on politicians.

The official report does not suggest evidence that taps were not being flushed but only that records of such were not always kept. That’s not the same thing.

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The source of the headlines blaming staff is not the official report but only in the comments of the aging long-retired, arch-Unionist, Professor Hugh Pennington, Scotland’s only bacteriologist, apparently. Pennington is a founding member of Scotland Matters, a pressure group campaigning against Scottish independence. This is never disclosed.