Aberdeen's Bitter Together Council attempts to scrape sex offender off its collective shoe

Image: STV

Ludo Thierry

Now that former Aberdeen City cooncillor Ross Thompson is at a bit of a loose end can’t help but wonder whether the Bitter Together coalition at Aberdeen City Council will put him up in the seemingly inevitable(?) by-election following former tory councillor Alan Donnelly’s court conviction for sexual assault? – The former Bitter Together Depute Provost Donnelly seems to be hingin’ oan fur dear life – but the Bitter Together coalition are now trying to scrape him aff their collective footwear – Even if he does hing oan it looks as if the Committees will have to be altered to reflect that the Bitter Together crew will now be a minority administration (if they survive at all). Link and snippets below:

The former deputy provost of Aberdeen has been removed from all council committees after being found guilty of sexual assault.

Alan Donnelly had earlier resigned from the Scottish Conservative party after the verdict on Friday, but remains a councillor.

Group leaders will now also be asked to sign a letter asking Donnelly to resign from the council.

As a Conservative, Donnelly was part of Aberdeen City Council’s ruling administration of Tories, Labour and independent members.

The administration is calling for an urgent business committee to be convened.

(BBC Scotland’s Steven Duff said if he is removed from the group, it would affect the composition of council committees. “Told there will be an “emergency” meeting of the @AberdeenCC admin group early next week. There is a decision they have to make. While it’s right to say it’s up to Mr Donnelly if he resigns or not, the @ScotTories/Ind Lab and ind group leaders need to decide if he’s formally still part of the admin group. If they decide he’s not, that would mean an automatic rejig of the committees on the council to reflect the new balance. Currently 23 admin/22 opposition.”)

Remember – Labour sub-branch office have been delaying and delaying any decision on the ‘suspended’ Bitter Together labour group on Aberdeen City Cooncil – Now seems like a perfect opportunity for sub-branch manager Richard Leotard to do his duty, n’est pas?

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