Though at first sight Scotland comes in second, to Greater London, in this EY Attractiveness Survey of Foreign Direct Investment, 2019, the two are almost equal per capita.

The population of Greater London is around 1.6 times greater than Scotland, the number of jobs created in Greater London works out at 1.7 times greater so, as near as damn, the level of job creation is about the same per capita and given the unfair advantages London derives from being the capital, Scotland wins!

Origins of FDI projects in Scotland: the US retains its lead …

In 2019 the US remained the single biggest originator of
FDI projects into Scotland, a position that was also reflected
across the UK. Indeed, the US has consistently been the most
significant investor in the UK since FDI records were first
maintained in 1987. During 2019, the US generated 34% of
all UK inward investments, slightly up on its 2018 share of
32%. Scotland was marginally more reliant on US investment
than the UK as a whole, with 35% of Scotland’s FDI projects
originating from the US.

However, unlike the UK overall, Scotland secured its second
largest share of investments from France, which contributed
9% of Scottish projects in 2019 against just 4.5% for the whole
of the UK. The number of French investments into Scotland
increased by five projects during the year, while French-originated investment at a UK level was down slightly.