In a bad-tempered interview with Fiona Hyslop, Gordon Brewer, shouted and interrupted repeatedly, as she tried to repeat the published advice on returning to work which he had either not read, or more likely, was prepared to distort in an attempt to appear to have scored a point.

Jackson Carlaw was not interviewed to present his views on the matter.

Regardless of the potentially very serious consequences for workers whose employers take from this encouragement to call their workers back into situations which remain too dangerous for them, Brewer’s disingenuous confusion can only have weakened the official message, currently saving lives and, critically, overwhelmingly supported in recent polls by the wider population.

In the Ipsos MORI poll on 8-11 May, only 9% of Scots agreed with the statment: The government should prioritise the economic health of the country by having fewer restrictions on public events, workplaces and travel.

In the YouGov poll on 13-14 May only 14% agreed with the Boris plans.

Is BBC Scotland prepared to be seen to identify with the herd immunity theory underlying the behaviour of Dominic Cummings and responsible, according to Imperial College London, for 1.5 million extra cases after delayed lock-down by Boris Johnson?