In a snap poll yesterday, by the TuSC Agency for Public Opinion Research, there was a massive majority agreeing with the question, only 2 unsure and just 1 disagreeing.

The self-selecting sample does, of course, limit the reliability of the findings to just about 20 times more reliable than a Reporting Scotland vox pox in Sauchiehall Street where all four of those prepared to talk, think Nicola’s to blame……for anything at all.

Footnote: Dear ‘No’, don’t worry about it. You’re entitled to your opinon and we respect that. We would never reveal your identity to be @MurdoQueens11

UPDATE from the Herald:

A delay in implementing lockdown restrictions by the government saw the number of those infected with Covid-19 rise by 1.3m in just over one week, according to reports. An investigation by the Sunday Times’s Insight team found Boris Johnson’s hesitance in imposing measures saw cases rise from 200,000 on March 14 to 1.5 million on March 23.