With Professor Pennington clearly still asleep and Professors Bauld and Sridhar far too likely to say something positive abut the Scottish Government, BBC Scotland head south for Prof McCoy. He says:

What we know is that this virus and the lock-down itself has this differential impact across society whether it’s by ethnicity or its by age group or by you socio-economic position we are seeing this huge differentiality [sic] in risk and vulnerability.

Brewer, though based in Scotland, clearly hasn’t spotted the Anglocentrism in the prof’s reference to ethnicity. He’s correct that in England, BAME workers and patients are suffering disproportionately more but that’s not true in Scotland. McCoy, invited to speak on a Scottish TV programme has clearly not thought to check the facts.

Here they are:

In England:

Black and Minority Ethnic people make up 14.5% of the population in England but have had 17% of all Covid-19 deaths. However, some groups, are particularly affected. Black Caribbeans are likely to die at twice rate of their population share. Even more striking, Pakistanis are dying at three times the rate of their population share.


In Scotland:

Only 4% of the Scottish population is recorded as one of the non-White ethnic minority groups. 98% of the deaths are registered as ‘White’ so, the mortality rate among non-White groups is lower at only 2% [p34].