Two old guys who really should know better and with nothing substantive to say to justify their fees, reveal the Herald’s plea for readers to support their ‘good trusted journalism’ to be laughable.

They take the most serious of government strategies in a time of pandemic, carefully designed to ease the country back to life while at the same time protecting lives and, with their unattributed ‘source’ at No 10, try to make the story this:

NICOLA Sturgeon is “following” a path blazed by Boris Johnson with her route map for easing the coronavirus lockdown, Downing Street has said.

Did anyone other than the authors actually say that? Blazed?

Well of course there are many similarities with Boris Johnson’s somewhat less precise version. Both plans are about the very same thing. Had the First Minister and her team come up with something radically different, imagine the uproar!

Then we get this supposed quote:

It shows the UK-wide approach is working. We set out the roadmap a few weeks ago and now the devolved administrations are following that path at the right speed for them. It’s vital continue to confront this virus as one United Kingdom and work closely with the devolved administrations.

The speed, the timing, are key parts of the strategy. That’s the whole bloody point. Johnson may yet be shown to have caused real damage by going too soon. By rejecting the No 10 plan and choosing to take less risk with lives, with a later, more cautious approach, the Scottish plan is inherently different.

Because both plans involve allowing golf or opening garden centres doesn’t make one a copy of the other. Only an idiot with that kind of playground ‘nah nah nah you’ve copied what I did’ mentality could think so.