Bibby, Briggs and Cole-Hamilton

These are the three men deeply unimpressive yet with a good conceit of themselves, who yesterday felt able to suggest the Health Secretary had lost the confidence of the public.

Her crime, resulting in this supposed loss of public confidence, to have in the beginnings of a pandemic, authorised the transfer of elderly patients from acute care in hospitals into care homes, designed to better care for them in the light of their particular conditions and to free-up space in acute care, so that it would not be overwhelmed by a feasible surge in covid-19 cases.

No one, certainly no Labour, Tory or Lib Dem MSP, questioned the strategy at the time. It was done with the very best of intentions, guided by expert advice and in the public interest. It is, frankly, sickening to see these inexperienced, self-centred men attempt to remove a health secretary, former nurse, who has led NHS Scotland into a position of superiority in performance, across almost every aspect of treatment and care, over all other health services in the UK.

Imagine, really, one of these specimens as Health Secretary? Any one of them would be resigning, broken men, within weeks, to be replaced by another, no less useless, from the drained and toxic waters of the ‘talent pool’ in their parties.

As for the suggestion that Freeman has lost the confidence of the public, there is of course, no direct evidence, either way. However, were she to be so unpopular, surely that would transfer to affect approval ratings for the First Minister and the Party.

With poll approval for the First Minister at over 70% but only at 7% and 6% for the leaders of the Tory and Labour groups and with the Lib Dem leader not counted at all, we see limited evidence for their claim.

With support for the SNP at 50% to 54%, around 25% and 15% for Tories and Labour, and with the LIb Dems in one poll at 1% (!), Freeman is clearly not toxic for her Party.

Get me some Pepto-Bismol™!