Maybe Tom Gordon will try to blame some junior for writing the above headline but that won’t wash.

Jeane Freeman identified care home staff as one of the obvious sources of coronavirus infection in care homes. She did not blame them. It’s just a clickbait headline or maybe an attempt to set the workers and their union against the Scottish Government. You probably guessed that anyway.

The workers, low-paid and insecure, may well have gone to work with symptoms. They will have done so afraid of losing income they really need to survive. Some will have been forced to work between more than one home further spreading the infection.

No one, certainly not former nurse and former Labour Party member, Jeane Freeman, blames them.

Most of us know, Tom too, that some of the employers, especially the corporate ones, are to blame, for their brutal exploitation of the staff and the residents, charging high fees and keeping costs down. In her position, Freeman cannot say that.

Gordon is an excuse for a journalist serving the interests of the powerful whenever he can.