Sarah Smith stirring it up again, based on a sociopathic self-assessment projected onto Nicola Sturgeon

Smith editing the truth for her kind of Scotland

On the UK BBC News last night, Sarah Smith says:

And the Scottish Government say that like all of the the UK nations they base their advice on expert advice that they are given and that it’s go nothing to do with politics but it has been obvious that Nicola Sturgeon has enjoyed the opportunity to set her own lock-down rules and not have to follow what’s been happening in England or other parts of the UK but the gamble is whether or not people will continue to support her taking a different path when they’re living under more stringent restrictions than people in other parts of the United Kingdom.

Smith is an entitled, dynastic, elite journalist for whom, she feels, none of the rules apply. Just like Ian Murray, she doesn’t need to consider evidence such as repeated polls showing the First Minister and her government’s careful strategies supported by 70% of Scots and, even, those across the UK, when she proposes a ‘gamble’ is being risked.

The recent protests against the Scottish Government’s lock-down, attended by very few indeed, though covered by the BBC, suggest there is little of a gamble here.

She has nothing here, only her own dark dreaming.

More disturbing however is this: ‘It has been obvious that Nicola Sturgeon has enjoyed the opportunity.’

That has not been obvious to me, to anyone I’ve heard nor has it been demonstrated in any scientific psychological assessment of the FM’s words, tone, facial expression.

While I understand that Nicola Sturgeon is a politician and that sociopathy or psychopathy is known to be more common among them, and TV presenters, that does not mean they all are and that all of them would enjoy exercising power in such a morbid context.

This just reveals sociopathic tendencies in Smith’s own thinking about others – projection. She can imagine enjoying denying Boris Johnson his place as PM, as he sees it, and so imagines the FM must be the same as she is. I see no evidence of that.

6 thoughts on “Sarah Smith stirring it up again, based on a sociopathic self-assessment projected onto Nicola Sturgeon”

  1. I suspect she was given a free hand by BBC bosses in London when she got the “Scottish” editors job. She is only ever wheeled on when a hatchet job on Sturgeon is required.
    A hatchet job is required when Sturgeon gets TOO popular.
    BBC UK-wide news has absolutely nothing on how people/institutions/schools/sport in Scotland are dealing with this pandemic. Not a word.
    English people can watch Nicola for 20 minutes and have made up their minds–they trust her.
    The BBC HATES that.

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  2. It is not just Sarah Smith at the BBC that does this. Just take a look at how they report events at Brussels. They constantly tell you what the motives of Barnier, Merkel, Macron and others are. It is the BBC way.

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  3. It is Scotland’s unionists who have been politicising the health crisis because it has demonstrated that Scotland’s government cares about the people it serves and that the UK government doesn’t care about the people they rule.
    Not only that but the UK government has demonstrated that at times of life or death,then it is England First.
    Even the dogs on the street know this,hence the attacks on the SG from desperate people trying to pretend that we are still better together.
    I have always generally disliked people who trade on their parent’s names.

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  4. A pathetic excuse for an apology.
    It was and is apparent that ” enjoying” was foremost in her mind
    This woman is a disgrace to her Fathers memory.

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