Former Labour SPAD, speech writer and Scotsman hack deliberately misleads on the Nike conference infections

ED: Headline entirely my responsibility

By Brenda Steele:

The Scotsman’s Gina Davidson [former Labour SPAD and speech-writer] should have already known the full details as this earlier article, by Katharine Hay, shows:  dated 12th May

The Scottish Government has issued a day-by-day account of what happened during the Edinburgh Nike conference following reports of it being “Ground Zero” for COVID-19.

To my mind this shows how difficult Test, Trace, Isolate is – given the fact that the individual did not get tested until AFTER they had left Scotland as related by this from the above article

“The individual was not based in the UK and had tested positive on returning home, having previously been in an area at high risk of COVID-19.

The fact that this virus is highly infectious BEFORE symptoms appear makes full trace very difficult.  In the case of asymptomatic victims or those who do not show symptoms at the median point (4-5 days) tracing may be all but impossible.  A competent journalist should know this. 

4 thoughts on “Former Labour SPAD, speech writer and Scotsman hack deliberately misleads on the Nike conference infections

  1. “A competent journalist should know this. ”

    Has Ms Freeman stopped beating her husband?

    You should watch Marr but not if you have an underlying medical condition.

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  2. This appears to be an ongoing propaganda campaign to say look Scotland is managing the Pandemic worse than England whilst ignoring The Cheltenham Festival going ahead and trying to claim Scottish Care Home deaths are higher than South of the Border.

    All the time protecting Tories Mismanagement Private Healthcare Criminal Negligence in defence of The Union.

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  3. Whenever in the true sense of what the function of a Journalist truly is. Which is to study and report in a truthful manner to their readers free from pre conceived opinions,objectives or hidden agenda
    How can any of the current crop of MSM lackeys ever refer to themselves as journalists
    They are a complete and utter disgrace to a honorable profession


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