Jonathon, that’s not the English flag! I wanted the English flag! I know THEY think it is the English flag but that’s the one for the UK. No, the UK and England just seem like the same thing but not everyone agrees they are. I give up.

In the Herald today from Features Writer, Mark Smith:

Happy birthday to me (messages of goodwill c/o The Herald in the usual way). I hope you’ll also allow me to summarise the five political decades I’ve lived through. The 1970s: chaos. The 80s: the necessary revolution of Thatcher. The 90s: the necessary revolution of Blair. The 2000s: the necessary revolution of devolution. And the 2010s: chaos. In describing the last decade as chaotic, what I mean is chaos in a constitutional sense. For a long time, most Scots (including me) took the constitution for granted. Independence was a minority interest and many Scots (including me again) would casually vote SNP for various local or strategic reasons without any sense of independence being a threat – in fact, we’d vote SNP without independence really crossing our minds.

That last bit is just rubbish. Where’s your evidence? Who voted SNP without wanting independence? You might well argue that a considerable number do now, with opinion polls putting SNP support around 5% ahead of support for independence but back in one of those earlier decades you mention, my impression is that people voted Labour because they still believed in them then and wouldn’t have dreamed of risking a Tory win by ‘wasting’ a vote on the SNP, unless they were utterly committed to the idea.