The Herald’s Westminster, not Health, correspondent helps Scotland’s three minority parties in a desperate attempt to score points by articulating for them a weaponised account of the situation with regard to testing in care homes.

It’s a deeply problematic piece of writing full of factual errors and key omissions generating what is essentially propaganda aimed at undermining the SNP.

I say SNP because Jackson Carlaw is allowed to say:

It’s obvious that care homes are the frontline of this crisis and the SNP have been slow to respond.  

Before coming on to the other ‘politicians’ headlined, the ‘facility bosses’ or ‘care home chiefs’, as they are described later, are notably absent from the text. Despite the headline there’s not a word from any of the nearly 1 000 of them or from their chief executive who gave Gordon Brewer nothing yesterday. Were they not helpful in providing quotes?

The ‘politicians’ are the usual suspects – Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie. In a recent poll only 8% trusted Carlaw, 6% trusted Leonard and Rennie was not even included. These men are desperate, struggling in the polls and not even trusted by their own members. Did they ask the Greens?

Incredibly, Carlaw is allowed to assert, unchallenged:

Care homes elsewhere in the UK are receiving 100% testing, anything short of that in Scotland would be unacceptable.

Here’s the truth:

Care home operators have accused the UK government of “a complete system failure” over testing for Covid-19 after officials repeatedly deflected responsibility for the task and left vulnerable residents unchecked. As ministers admitted it will be more than three weeks before all homes are offered tests, care home managers said lives have been put at risk and conditions for dementia sufferers worsened because of the government’s failure so far to test hundreds of thousands of staff and residents. The programme was announced by the health secretary, Matt Hancock, two weeks ago but only tens of thousands of people have been tested.