How does a member of the party founded by Keir Hardie get to the point when she can consider praising the UK Parliament, especially the Lords, just to have a wee huffy dig at the Scottish Parliament?

By all means criticise but to feel comfortable using the Lords as your evidence tells us all we need to know about Dugdale’s values – any that will get her attention? Dreaming of Baroness Dugdale?

The Scottish Parliament has no non-elected second chamber, stuffed with 784 aristocrats and former MPs being rewarded for loyalty, snuffling in the trough of expenses. There are 178 Labour Lords! The Labour Party first promised to abolish the Lords nearly 100 years ago and Jeremy Corbyn repeated the promise more recently. I guess Sir Keir Starmer does not have it as a priority.

The Scottish Parliament has a PR system which allows at least some representation for smaller parties like the Greens and, of course, now, Labour. The UK Parliament’s brutal first-past-the-post system has allowed the also brutal Tories to rule with less than 50% and sometimes less than 40% of the vote.