Why don’t they like me?

From Opinium based on 13th May responses by 169 Scots, we see, to Jackson’s horror, that 45% of Scottish Tories trust the FM to inform them of coronavirus.

Only 41% distrust her. That’s no way to run a campaign to become the next FM, as I feel sure I heard him say he would become in 2021. Stop it! Be serious!

64% of Labour and 53% of Lib Dems also trust her but only 85% of SNP supporters seem to. What? Wait till Glen see this:

Threat to Sturgeon as not all SNP supporters trust her!

It looks at first sight that SNP support is a bit lower in this poll but they’ve left the dinna kens in so the 46% becomes 50% exactly once the dinna kens are chucked oot, ken?