It was only when researching for my previous piece on infection control failures in care homes that I saw this:

Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust Date of inspection visit: 7 January 2020 to 5 February 2020 Date of publication: 30/04/2020

Not all clinical premises where patients received care were safe, clean, well equipped, well furnished, well maintained and fit for purpose. Not all actions from fire risk assessments had been completed, the mitigation from some ligature risks was not appropriate and infection control was not managed well across all sites. Equipment at the East Glade Centre showed no evidence of being calibrated, cleaned or maintained regularly.

The failure of a whole health trust! Had this happened in Scotland, imagine the feeding frenzy. Try not to imagine Jackson Carlaw’s comments and face. Lisa Summers would be wheeling out her ‘dysfunctional.’

So, I thought I’d check out the media coverage of this. It must have been everywhere but I missed it. Not so. All I can find is the one above.

And where are the words highlighted above from the actual inspection report? Why has this been left out?